Things I don’t understand, and likely never will

19 Mar

So it’s already been established that I’m not a religious person at all. I have a very hard time believing in things that I cannot absolutely prove via math, science, or observing it with my own two laser-corrected eyes.

Yet things like the following statement make me wonder where people are coming from when they say the following: “God was with you today!”

Now the context of the above statement is this: Friend was headed to the airport, roads are slippery, she got into a 6-vehicle collision, and both the front and rear end of her vehicle are smashed. Pretty bad. Could have been much worse, but not exactly a good thing.

Then someone comes along and says “God was with you today!” And I have to wonder, was he/she/it? So God was with her in that it wasn’t worse, but a car accident is bad by most peoples’ standards so where was God when she was smashed both front and back?

I’m not criticizing those who are believers, who have faith, whatever. I just personally don’t get where that fine line is. And it seems to be a very fine line. Sometimes I don’t know why I bother to spend the time to think about things like this when there are no answers. I just don’t understand the blind faith concept and God being in control. Except when he/she/it is not in control. Makes no sense to me.

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