Where did my mojo go?

18 Sep

For the past few days I’ve been killing my to do list. I got a new job so I have about 10 days off before I start next week and my to do list is long do long long. Last week I was able to get tons done. Sent my laptops back to the old job, cleaned out my closet and organized everything into summer and spring, fall winter boxes, as well as “oh hell these don’t fit anymore” boxes. Also managed to get a few doc appts in, went to the beach, went to the fair, picked up my winning needlework entries from the fair, and pulled out the dead summer plants and replaced with pansies and flowering cabbage. Whew! Yeah, lots done.

But today I seem to have lost my motivation a bit. It’s nasty, windy, rainy outside today and I knew it would be so I saved all my indoor chores for today and am having a hard time getting off the couch and getting them done.

I need to get some laundry done, clean up my home office to turn it into a less officey living space. I’ll still keep the desk and file cabinet in there but I think the white board can be relocated to the basement and maybe I’ll bring my IKEA Poang chair upstairs to provide a comfy sitting place for reading and yakking on the phone.

Also need to do some grocery shopping but I think I’ll put that off until tomorrow in case we lose power. It would be just my luck to stock the freezer and fridge only to have the power go out. Guess we’ll get Chinese takeout tonight 🙂

OK here I go. The organization isn’t gonna get done by itself. Thinking I need a little caffeinated intervention here.

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