Trader Joe is the Devil

11 Apr

Besides eating, there are few things I love more than shopping at Trader Joe’s. I love the low prices, the whimsical Hawaiian style shirts, when someone rings the giant ship’s bell, and all the yummy stuff I can stock up on.

But therein lies the evil. He puts the most wonderful stuff on the shelves. I try it. I love it. I can’t live without it then, faster than the Monday after a holiday weekend arrives, he snaps it back never to be seen again. It just disappears into the Bermuda Triangle.

Yesterday I hit up my local TJ’s for a number of things, including cookie butter, smoothies, cilantro dressing. That dressing is a staple in my fridge. Creamy, delicious, super flavorful and something like 25 calories per tablespoon. Wonderful. But I found none on the shelf.  And not even an empty space where there was once cilantro salad dressing but they were sold out. It was like it never existed. Poof! Disappeared.

Jay’s favorite smoothies… not there. Almond milk. Not there. Half of the stuff I went there to pick up was not there. I sadly went about the rest of my shopping, my grocery list a mishmash of crossed out items and items with frowny faces next to them. I had no choice but to console myself by grabbing about 10 stickers from the sticker dispenser and clutch them to my chest as I exited the store.

I also consoled myself with a container of kettlecorn cookies. Have you tried them? They are the devil in a canister. Butter cookies with kettlecorn baked into them. Eeeeevil. Funny thing is that I don’t even like kettlecorn. And now I’m addicted. That is until the day that Trader Joe reaches out with his evil little hand and snaps them right back out of my life.Which would actually not be a bad thing considering I ate 2 more of these evil little suckers while setting up the photo. Oy.



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