The good the bad and the succotash

08 Apr

Woke up at 8:30 feeling stuffy and headachy but I got up anyway and found that the Easter bunny had been here (now I know the source of that off rattling I heard at about 2am).

Grabbed a (tiny) handful of jelly beans (the breakfast of champions, ya know), got dressed, and headed out. Walked to the track and began running on the grass. It’s far too uneven though and my hip started to hurt so I ran back to the paved trail and all the way to the corner which is really great. I see progress there. Walked for just a minute or so to catch my breath and ran again and it wasn’t bad. One more quick break before I ran across a flat grassy area and farther than I thought I would. I started to feel splinty here so I walked for just a short while and ran again, partly up hill.

I probably should have stopped after the grassy run as I was in a bit of pain, but wasn’t satisfied with just the 4 runs. Plus it looked like I was on track to finish the mile in less than 16 minutes.  So I ran when I got to the brick paver section of the track but only made it about ¾ of the way before it hurt too much and I was too tired so I stopped to stretch. Right there the voice in my ear said .8 miles in 14 minutes but it hurt too bad to run anymore so I walked slowly the rest of the way. So slow that the old guy walking his dog (who I passed at the beginning of this workout) blasted past me. Ugh.

It took me almost 19 minutes to “run” (ha) a mile which is horrible. That’s longer than it took me to walk the Annapolis 1 Mile challenge last May when I didn’t run at all! Urghhh. I’m finding this process exceedingly frustrating. There are times when I feel like I’m making real progress then I have a week like this past week where I’m in pain and my times suck.

So I’m just trying to look at the positive in that, cumulatively, I probably ran more than I ever have and the breaks in between running are getting shorter. I need to focus on the progress I AM seeing and that whole glass half full (is there really no other analogy we can use here? I’m open to suggestions) thing and just keep working on this. I do believe I’m getting stronger every day.

I give myself credit for getting out of bed this morning as well as sticking with it this long. I haven’t been so dedicated/committed to anything since I joined the fife & drum corps way back in 1983. And definitely not anything so out of character.

Today I’m scheduled to work several hours so Jay and I are just hanging around at home, me with frozen mixed veggies on my shins again. I think I have a break around 2pm so I’m planning to see if Target is open. I need to get some heavier free weights for my Firm workouts.

Get used to this picture. You’re gonna see it a lot.

Later tonight we’re making smoked pork chops, potatoes or rice (not sure yet) and asparagus. And of course that delicious whoopie pie. I hope it’s delicious anyway. I bought it on Thursday and it’s looking a bit shriveled.


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One response to “The good the bad and the succotash

  1. ruralrouterunner

    April 8, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    Running is difficult at first but just keep going and it will get a bit easier. Good idea using the frozen veggies as ice packs.


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