Busting my hump for a whoopie pie

07 Apr

After Thursday’s sucky shin splinty run, I decided to rest today. It was nice to sleep in a bit and lounge around in bed until I was good and ready to get up. I skipped knitting group, snuggled with kittybaby until around 10, then got up and decided to get to the garden center. Jay and I have been cleaning up the hideous garden beds in the front yard (from previous owner(s)) and improve the curb appeal of the house. Fortunately we’ve done this many times before so we know what we’re doing.

Here’s the main landscape bed before. Hideous monstrosity of random foliage, awful shape, and a mishmash of edging bricks.

Last weekend we dug all of that out, moved the rocks elsewhere, got rid of the ugly pink bricks and cut out the new shape. Today we bought and planted a weeping cherry tree in the center. I’ve always wanted a flowering tree, specifically a weeping cherry, so I’m happy to have finally gotten one. Unfortunately it’s already done blooming for the year, but gives us something to look forward to next spring. I worked the system a bit and mentioned that a weeping tree would be nice in honor of my dad and Jay agreed. Yay for being dramatic.

Anyway, here’s the after pic. Too much sunlight but you get the idea.

Oh, and Jay totally backed into an entire pallet of sod at gardenland and scraped up the side of his car. It was hilarious. I regret not getting it on video but it happened so quickly I could only stand there and laugh.

We’re still trying to decide what to plant around the tree. I had planned concentric circles of rudbeckia & purple coneflower closest to the tree, annuals in the middle ring, and then fill in the outer section with creeping phlox, but Jay got all weird at the garden center and suggested something totally different so we just got the tree and a few new shrubs (golden euonymous) for the other landscape bed below. I’ll figure out something later this week. I’d like to get everything planted next Saturday/Sunday and mulched in.

Need some annuals in front and then this will be done.

I feel zero guilt about not working out at all today, especially since I busted my hump doing yardwork for a few hours. Tomorrow I’m planning to get back out for a run and hope that my shinsplints are improved. I really thought I had those under control. Going to try heading directly to the track with just a short warm up, then run on the grass again and hope for the best.

The scale is moving downward finally so I’m happy about that. My clothes have been fitting better as well which is a good indicator of shrinkage, but it’s good to see the proof in the numbers. Tomorrow I need to take in the waistline of two pairs of shorts I bought last month that are already getting too large. I really should get a belt to solve that problem.

I bought a tiny whoopie pie at the Amish market while I was shopping for Easter dinner supplies. I’m realllllly looking forward to eating it tomorrow. 🙂

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