Veggin’ out

05 Apr

Monday’s child is fair of face.

Tuesday’s child is covered in mixed vegetables.

Today’s run was bad. Well, wait. Glass half full here. I woke up on the green side of the ground and have the ability to move. So let’s just say it wasn’t my best run.

I didn’t feel very motivated to get out of bed this morning, as usual. It doesn’t help that my 20-pound cat likes to snuggle with me after Jay leaves for work. This morning she was laying on my chest and holding me down like soft squishy paperweight so getting past the urge to snuggle with my cuddlebunny was the first obstacle.


The next obstacle was the weather. Jay left for work then poked his head back in the door and yelled “It’s beautiful out here, you should get up and go for a walk. It’s like a call in sick kind of day.” That is what finally got me out of bed.

I jumped up, put on shorts and a tech tank top and scooted out the door. It wasn’t until I got about a half mile from home that I realized Jay’s version of “sick day kind of weather” and my version are two very different things. By then I was committed though and unwilling to trek home to change. All in all it wasn’t too bad. A little cold in the shady areas and the windy side of the track but once I got going it wasn’t too bad. My arms are as pink as an Easter ham, but oh well.

Today’s plan was to walk a lap around the track to warm up, then run as much of the 2nd lap as possible. For whatever reason I felt shin splinty within a few minutes of walking today so I took the walking as slowly as possible. By the time I reach the halfway point of the track I felt ready to run. I don’t normally run there but decided to change things up a bit. First run was good, walked up the biggest hill on the track, ran a little again, repeated a few times so that I ran a total of 6 times.

I stopped a lot to stretch out my legs so my time wasn’t great but I made it thru. After the 4th run I thought I might shortcut thru the parking lot and head home but after stopping at the flagpoles for a good 5-minute stretch and rest I felt well enough to do the rest of the track.

So not my best run but, glass half full again, I ran six times when I normally run only four. They were shorter runs but still more than normal so I’m happy.

My shins…. not so happy.  Mixed vegetables are my friend today.

I wonder if I’m running too much. I’ve been doing it every other day quite regularly and then doing strength training on the off days and usually taking one of the weekend days off from doing anything. Should I be running only 3 times a week?

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