Hating my pants. And the scale.

04 Apr

Last week I had some Kohl’s Cash burning a hole in my purse so I went there to check out some their selection of beads for my Pandora bracelet and to maybe get some new running capris. They’re sort of my new obsession. I have 4 pair of Champion brand capris and I like them but they have no pockets and the fabric has some cotton in it so they attract cat hair and if I don’t wear a tech top or something silky-ish my shirt tends to stick to my butt and I don’t like the way that feels when I’m trying to move.

I also have a few pairs of Old Navy capris which are nice and have the pocket in the waistband for my key but they were sold out of my size when I checked there. I found some Fila capris at Kohl’s and loved them when I tried them on (although I don’t understand why I wear a size L and not XL in active pants, I’m not complaining either). They are grey so they match everything and the pocket is nice and big and on the hip rather than on the lower back area.

But when I walk or run they slide down my hips and it’s seriously annoying. I’m kind of annoyed to have paid $30 for a pair of pants that seriously annoy me. Of course I’ve washed them and threw out the tags so I can’t return them. Blah. I guess I’ll stick to the Old Navy capris or make sure I wear only tech shirts with the Champion pants. The weather is getting nice again anyway so that should work out nicely.

I do love my new running shoes though! Fleet Feet hooked me up with some hot pink Nike Pegasus and they rock. Super light weight, cute, and not horribly expensive. So much better than my Merrells (which I still love for walking and every day use).

This sounds ridiculous but it’s true: I’m somewhat motivated by fashion when it comes to running so having the right clothing that also fits well/right and looks somewhat good is very motivating. Even though I hate those Fila pants, I’m looking forward to the day when they literally fall off my butt so I can shop for new, smaller clothes. I’m not much of a clothes horse, nor am I very fond of shopping at all, so that’s saying something.

That kind of thing helps me mentally on days like today when I’m not at all happy with the number on the scale. I’ve stayed off the scale for a full week and it didn’t budge. At all. It didn’t go up either which is good, but I feel like I’m totally busting my ass working out, eating in the right range, and it’s not paying off. I know that it will at some point, I was just expecting the scale to show a whoosh in weight loss this week. I feel like I look better and clothes are fitting better so perhaps it will happen next week. I’m highly impatient to get back down to 40 pounds lost and keep on moving down. I’m definitely doing the work, walking the walk (or is it talk, I never remember) and need to see the number decrease soon.


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5 responses to “Hating my pants. And the scale.

  1. Roberts

    April 4, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    Great post. I used to run with Nike Pegasus. I switched over to Nike Lunar Glides when I needed new shoes. Did they analysis your run before recommending them? It is fun to get new gear. I can’t wait until I wear this pair out to shop for the next.

    • Bugg

      April 4, 2012 at 8:16 pm

      They didn’t analyze my run at all which surprised me. I’ve heard great things about going to a running store to be fitted for shoes so I’m fairly disappointed. I’m not sure if it was because they were very busy or if there was some other reason. They did take a lot of measurements though and recommended a few different shoes. I chose the Pegasus as they felt the best and I’m happy with them.

      • Roberts

        April 4, 2012 at 8:38 pm

        You’re happy, that’s all that matters!

  2. eatingasapathtoyoga

    April 4, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    The scale doesn’t show all the positive changes you are making in your life and how you are feeling on the inside. It’s just a data collector. Peace.

    • Bugg

      April 4, 2012 at 10:17 pm

      So true! I need to keep that in mind. Thanks and peace back at ya 🙂


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