Lead legs

03 Apr

I’m on a roll. The guys installing our new brick paver sidewalk arrived bright and early (7:30am) again. Jay decided to hop in the shower right before they got here so I had to deal with them again. I jumped out of bed and immediately pulled on my running clothes, gave them their direction for the day, then went on my way.

I walked to the library then backtracked to the stadium track for the running portion of my workout. It’s about 2 miles to the library and back so by the time I was ready to run I didn’t want to run at all. In fact the first run only last about 20 seconds. My legs felt like absolute lead and I was super sluggish. Maybe 2 miles of walking was a bit much. Will keep that in mind for next time.

The 2nd run was a bit better. Third run was as usual (start of brick paver section to end of brick paver section) but seemed a bit easier today. Not sure if it’s because I’m getting stronger or if it’s because the first 2 legs of the run were fairly lame so I had more energy for the third. Not going to over think it though. The 4th run was better than Sunday as well. I was able to push myself just a bit further. So all in all, I can’t complain about my progress with running. I feel like if I remain consistent and committed, I’ll ultimately be successful and reach my goals. It won’t happen overnight.

My new habit is walking to the library and back. I love to read and save money so what better place than the library? After work I was feeling prematurely hungry so I walked there to get a few books. It was hot as hell in there though and by the time I was finished I had checked out books and hadn’t the energy to walk a mile back home. So I called Jay who met me halfway and drove me home. I overdid it a bit but I feel good having walked more than 5 miles today.

On a personal note, work was better today. Of course I didn’t need to rely on anyone to get our site up and running like I did yesterday so that automatically makes it better, but I wasn’t totally annoyed so that’s better in my book. I’m sure things will get better with time.

I also decided to make the trip home to Michigan at the end of the month to be with my mom and brother when we bury my dad’s ashes. I don’t feel that my presence is absolutely necessary but it’s not unwelcome either and there’s no chance that I’ll look back in a year or 5 years and wish I had been there. I’m going home on a Wednesday night and spending 4 days at home. It will be good to see my friends and family again and hopefully focus on having some fun (with the exception of the burial which will not be fun).

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