The corner has been turned

01 Apr

Saturday was pretty good. Low key, but good. Went to Stitch & Bitch in the morning which always provides tons of laughs.  Spent the afternoon reading, napping, and knitting then went to an adults only Easter egg hunt. Not that it was X-rated or anything, just no kids allowed. We had a great time running around in the dark hunting for eggs and won some fun prizes.

Last night I had trouble falling asleep. A friend is going thru a rough time right now so he’s been on my mind a lot. I listened to some yoga type music and tried to move my mind’s focus from him to my planned run this morning. To my surprise, I was actually looking forward to the run. I visualized myself heading out for a run this morning and being able to run further and with less effort than I had on Friday and before I knew it, I was asleep.

This morning I woke up at 7:30. The alarm was set for 8:30 but the whoop whoop of a police car startled me (police, fire, ambulance at the neighbor’s house). I tried to fall back asleep for another hour but my mind again turned to my friend and focus on stuff I cannot help with, so I got up and headed out. I walked one full lap around the track then started my run where I normally start running. My goal was to run to the corner of the 2 major cross streets before stopping. Again, not sure of the time as I’m just going what feels good at this point and setting small goals, such as “try to make it to the corner of x and y streets”. Just running and pushing myself to go a little further each day.

So the first leg of the journey was great. Walked for a bit to catch my breath. Yeah, my breath. At this point I seem to have figured out the shin pain issue so now it’s all about running until my breathing is too labored or my thighs get wobbly.

The 2nd run went pretty well too although I stopped short of the small hill so it probably wasn’t as long as it could have been. I stopped to stretch very briefly at the flagpoles then walked to the next part I wanted to run.

The 3rd run went great as well. My goal was to start running at the part of the track that is comprised of brick pavers and to run to where the brick pavers end and the track becomes asphalt again. It’s not far but it’s slightly uphill so about halfway thru I was plodding along very slowly but I did it. I reached the goal and I was so glad.

About then I started to feel really hungry and the slightest bit nauseous so I walked the rest of the way up the hill and wasn’t sure if I’d run any more today. However when I got to the flat part of the track I felt better and was able to run from the parking payment machine to where the track turns to the left so, again, another great run.

I finally feel like I’ve turned the corner here and I could not be more excited. I’m starting to feel like being able to run much of, if not all of, the Annapolis 1 Mile Challenge is in the realm of possibility now and that’s very motivating. I’m also kind of looking forward to weighing in on Wednesday to see if all this running is helping to drop some weight more quickly.

So this desire to run is all very new and strange to me. As I was making my way back home this morning I couldn’t help think that I hardly recognize myself lately. I’m not the type to get up early on a weekend morning to run. I like my sleep, I like my warm bed, I like lounging around in it as long as possible and just thinking about things, people, whatnot. But I also like the idea of a healthy, happy future and not end up sick by age 50 like my dad was.

So I don’t really know who this girl is that I’ve become. But I’m getting to know her better and I like her. I’m cultivating a friendship with myself and that’s a really good thing.

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