Too legit to quit

30 Mar

Sure, sometimes I give up on something if it’s truly hopeless, but I’m determined to get this running thing down and make sure I give it a thorough, proper try. Thankfully today’s run was very successful. I’m hoping it’s not a fluke but real progress. I’m so pleased with my results!

As far as warm ups go, I didn’t do much today. Just put on my new shoes (totally loving the Nike Pegasus Fleet Feet set me up with), did a few toe walks and headed out.

My plan for today was to throw out the running app, make a conscious effort to bend my knees more and engage my thighs more. And to more or less just wing it as far as distance, time, and rout.

So that’s what I did. I left the house and walked to the library to return a book. It’s just shy of 1 mile to the library so I walked there and planned to run part of the way back. But half way back I started to feel some shin pain so I stretched a bit and kept walking.

By the time I got to the track I normally walk/run around I felt pretty good so I decided to walk at least part of the track. Not long after, I just started running. I made sure my posture was good, engaged my thighs more and ran without any pain at all for probably 2 minutes. Not really sure how long I ran but the point of today’s experiment was to throw out the rulebook and run with it (no pun intended) and it felt really good.

When I got tired I walked for a minute or two and ran again without pain. I was able to get 2 more runs in (avoiding anything uphill) with minimal pain. I have no words to describe how happy I am to have run longer and farther than ever without being in excruciating pain. Wednesday I cried it hurt so bad, today I smiled and laughed as a result of the success. Yay.

Super excited to run again on Sunday and hopefully experience the same good results.


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