Why does my body hate me?

28 Mar

Not ready to give up…. but WTF? WTF? With a capital F. Oh get ready, this is a full-on rant followed up by a big pink frilly pity party.

Our plumber got here early and left before lunch so I took the opportunity of my lunch hour to do my run. Bonus points to me for not skipping it today. I prefer to get my workouts done first thing in the AM as the longer the day goes, the less likely I am to be motivated to do it. I like to get up, work out, shower, and go about my day.

So double bonus points for sticking to my program and heading out for a run.

But it was the. Crappiest. Run. EVAR. I mean, seriously. How the hell am I supposed to lose some weight and get fit if my body won’t cooperate?

Nothing changed since my last run except for time of day. I did all the normal stuff. Walked around on my heels, on my toes, did the step lifts on my staircase, stretched out my calves gently, did some top tappy things. Walked moderately on flat terrain to the track for 5 minutes then ran for 45 seconds on the grass. Piece of cake. I could have gone a bit longer.

But once I started walking after the run both shins started to tense up and felt like there were golfballs under the skin. Like all tight and not right. So I slowed the walk, ran again after 2 minutes and it was painful but I finished it. Ran the 3rd and finished it but had to stop to stretch after and didn’t bother even trying to do the 4th set of 45 seconds.

I just don’t understand why my body hates me. In its defense I had shinsplints when I was a kid. Not all the time but if I was trying to walk up or downhill too fast or with too long of a stride (for example, in marching band parades) I’d be in so much pain I’d have to drop out.

But I really just don’t understand why my body is fighting me so hard when my mind and full-body well-being wants this so bad. What else can I do?  Do I just give up and never become an actual runner? Do I lose 20 more pounds and try again? I’m asking this in all seriousness. If there are any runners out there who can help me answer that question or give me some advice, I’m all ears.

I’m not trying to run a marathon here. I’d just like to run a mile and perhaps a 5k once in a while. Hell, right now I just want to be able to run for more than one minute without being in pain. I’m so angry about this. For the first time in my life I’m really super committed to getting in shape and my body is fighting it. Am I destined for a life of boring ass workout DVDS? Ugh. So, so frustrated.


p.s. Plumber snaked out the drainage line. It’s connected to the same line as the kitchen sink/disposal so it had gunk. Under $500 though so that’s good.

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