Money Pit

28 Mar

Remember that movie with Tom Hanks called The Money Pit? The one where he and Shelley Long bug a huge house out in the boonies that needs tons of work and something falls apart every day?  That’s how I feel. Like what the hell else could go wrong here?

OK, OK it’s not as bad as The Money Pit and things could be way worse. But I am just sick to death of something literally going wrong with a car, a job, an illness, or our house and I am about to lose it. I feel like Tom Hanks in the movie when the bathtub falls thru the ceiling to the first floor and he laughs like a total loon. I still cannot believe the ridiculous price of real estate down here (our house here is worth about 3x what the same house would be in Michigan) and I’m seriously about to lose it.  Like this…

Yesterday after work I started a load of laundry. All my running clothes are dirty so I started a load, came back upstairs to get my soup started (made a big pot of cabbage soup again), and wipe down the kitchen cabinets. About 15 minutes later I hear what sounds like abnormal splashing sounds coming from the basement.

I know this could have been much worse. I could have done laundry in the middle of the day and been back in my cave office and never heard the splashing. Or I could have left to hit the drug store like I had planned to do earlier in the day.

Fortunately I heard the noise, charged down there, and saw huge amounts of water spewing from the drain pipe and was able to, in the midst of much swearing, turn the washer off and throw darn near every towel we own onto the floor to soak up the water. Luckily it was only about 5 gallons of water and not the whole tub. I was also able to remove all the water from the washer by letting it drain into a 5-gallon bucket and making lots of trips to empty it into the utility tub.

So here I sit waiting for the plumber (and not going on my scheduled morning run) and hoping it’s just a matter of snaking the drain or something simple. I cannot write another $500+ check for something stupid. Hoping to get out for my run after he leaves. I really just need one month where nothing goes wrong.

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