People really DO bring food

27 Mar

I’ve been to tons of funerals in my life. Tons. But never to one where I was in the front row, on the comfy couch rather than the hard seats behind the immediate family. Things are different from this perspective. Not saying I like it, but it’s been an interesting experience.

Something that intrigued me the most is the fact that people really do bring food to the grieving family. I always thought that was a southern thing or something church people do. So I was pleasantly surprised when tons of food came pouring in within hours of my dad dying. It was quite amusing actually.

On Monday night my cousin Richard showed up with a huge tin of spaghetti sauce. Homemade. Yum. And a big crusty loaf of bread. Then Tuesday night my mom’s friend brought us a pot of homemade minestrone soup with more yummy bread and noodles. Wednesday morning my brother brought by a huge basked of baked goods from a local bakery. A friend of his sent it to his house and he brought it to us at my mom’s house. Later that same morning another of his friends stopped by with some homemade orange bread. OMG it was still warm.

By Wednesday night I was so amused by all of this that, when my boss caught me logging in to check my work email, I asked her to send me some Garrett Popcorn from Chicago. I wouldn’t ordinarily come right out and ask for a gift, but she caught me on our office IM system and said they (my co-workers in Chicago) felt bad that I was so far away and wanted to do something to support me. So I asked for the popcorn and she sent it!

Yeah, so this is my new thing since my dad died. Being more assertive and telling people what I want or need and not being bashful about it. So weird. But refreshing at the same time.

Anyway, so Thursday afternoon another my my parents’ friends stopped by with a cheesecake. I just realized we never dug into that one and it’s probably still in the freezer. Bummer. Then the popcorn arrived on Friday afternoon and we enjoyed the heck out of that for the next week.

While this was all very intriguing and amusing to me, it was also very touching when I realize that each of these people took the time and effort to care for me and my family during our time of need. I’ve never done anything like that. I honestly thought it was just something you read about in books and no one really brings food to a grieving family. It’s inspired me to reach out to others when their time of need comes. Not only to simply pay it forward, but because it’s the right thing to do and until now I never realized how much it truly matters. How much it lifts someone up when they need it most.

p.s. I will at some point stop talking about funerals. I promise. I’ve always leaned toward the dark side though so I can’t say exactly when 🙂

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