Getting easier and easier

26 Mar

This morning I was having the hardest time dragging myself out of bed. The weather was so rainy and crummy all weekend. That combined with the pain in my hip from Friday’s run meant lots of sitting around the house on my butt rest was in order which made it even harder to motivate on a Monday morning.

However, I’m determined to follow thru this time and made the best effort possible to stick to the program by running every other day. So I finally dragged my butt out of bed at 8:30, got dressed, did my calf stretches and exercises and headed out.

The hip was still sort but not nearly as sore as it was on Friday and Saturday. And the more I ran and walked to warm it up, the better it felt. The run results were much like Friday’s so that was a plus. A moderately paced walk to the track, ran on flat pavement or grass where I could and did quite well. So things are definitely looking up. I think I’ll stick to the current run and walk times for the next 2 runs then increase the run times slightly on Sunday and see how that works for me. I still can’t imagine running even a half mile at this point, but I’m still hoping to get to that point by May 19th for the Annapolis One-Mile Challenge which supports Special Olympics Maryland. Last year I walked it and was the last person to cross the finish line. I was fairly mortified and vowed to run as much of it as possible in 2012 so that’s my first goal.

I’m also feeling better this week on the bereavement front. So maybe venting my anger with the grief counselor on Friday helped somewhat. I did cancel my appointment with her on Friday as I didn’t feel I got anything out of it, but maybe I actually did. Don’t know for sure, but I do feel better so I’m gonna let it be.


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