DIY Diva

25 Mar

Few things give me more satisfaction than being able to do something myself and save tons of money in the process. I had the opportunity to do this twice over the weekend and in the end I’m feeling very satisfied and accomplished. I think that has helped my attitude immensely as well. Very satisfying.

The first project was our 2011 taxes. I normally do them myself using TurboTax. But I tried it this year and got all confused due to the fact that we bought a house. Any other year when we bought a house we had a CPA do our taxes then I did them myself for the years when we didn’t have anything major and confusing. Add in the fact that my mind has been in a state of goo since my dad died and I just wanted someone else to take it off my plate and handle it for me.

So I scheduled an appointment with an accountant for Friday and took the afternoon off of work since I had also scheduled the grief counseling for later the same day. Three hours after I called to confirm my appointment, her assistant called and cancelled. Grr. That ticked me off so I didn’t reschedule and was going to take them to a quickie tax place. Instead, I called the title company and they walked me thru my HUD-1 settlement statement and helped me pull out all the info I needed to do my taxes myself. BAM! Taxes done, no boring meeting with a flakey CPA, and saved myself probably $100.

After grief counseling I remembered that the headlight on my car wasn’t working so I pulled into the dealership on my way home to inquire about getting that fixed. I figured I could work the girl in distress, OMG I need my car fixed right away thing to my advantage and, in my current mood, I could cry at the drop of a hat and get ‘er all fixed up and home by 5pm.

No suck luck. The guy in service said it would be $80 to replace the bulb if that’s all that was wrong with it and was kind of a jerk. No way I was going to get the girl in distress discount or special treatment. So I went out to my car (pulled butt muscle screaming all the way), popped the hood, and realized I could do it myself. Limped back inside and waited for 20 minutes for the guy in parts to tell me that the bulb is $40 but they didn’t have any. Grr. Limped back out to the car, drove literally 200 feet across the street to Pep Boys, and had the part in hand and was back in my car in under 2 minutes flat. And the bulb was only $12. It took me less than 5 minutes to replace it. BAM! Take that eighty bucks and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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