Hi ho, hi ho….

03 Feb

… off to work out I go.

I hate it. I really do. Working out is the most boring thing. In addition to eating way too many calories, it’s the main reason I’ve gained weight. When I’m done with work today I’m going to catch the last half hour of sunlight and attempt another run, only I’m going back to week one (run 45 seconds, walk 2 minutes, repeat 4x) to see what happens. Maybe if I just do that until it becomes very easy, I can then move on to week 2.

But running is not the boring part. The boring part is that I’m off to do a 30-minute workout DVD on my lunch hour. They are so hokey and super boring.  I mean, how many times can I hear the same overly happy banter and blah blah about how good this is for me before I kick the TV off the stand?  But this is just what I have to do to burn the calories, so off I go. After I finish this blog, that is.

I signed up for a preventing injury when running class at Fleet Feet on Sunday so we’ll see how that goes. I’m very much hoping that they are more helpful in person than they were on the telephone. I called there earlier this week for some advice and got a lot of yes and no replies rather than actual helpful info. I’m already worried about their reaction to my going in there asking for advice. I’m working on my assertiveness and confidence with regard to that, but I must admit that I’m somewhat nervous/apprehensive/ uncomfortable about the whole thing. So we’ll see…

I also read on Fleet Feet’s site that I should keep a running journal. I generally stay away from “should”ing on myself, but I know there is value in this. I’m generally kind of sucky about journaling about anything but I do understand the value. I’ve been doing this with other things like cooking and crafting, so it makes sense to apply it to activity. This running quest is important to me so I’m hoping by journaling about each run, even just the basics, it will help me see any progress more easily. Plus it will be a great way to use all those journals I have. For some reason (probably because I’m an office/school supply junkie) I’ve amassed a collection of blank journals that I never ever use.

So far my journal looks something like this:

January 31st 5:10pm

Warm up – 5 minutes on recumbent bike followed by shin exercises

Walk – from home to track (approx 5 minutes)

Run – From corner of xx and xx to 2nd driveway. Ran about one minute (half on grass, half on asphalt).

Walked – From 2nd driveway to corner.

Run – From corner almost to flagpoles. Not the full 90 seconds again. Shinsplints started here. Stopped at flagpoles to rest and stretch.

Walked – from flagpoles to parking attendant.

Run – from parking to main stadium entrance (on grass). Shinsplints too painful again (at 18 minutes total time elapsed) so I walked the rest of the 3rd 90-second round. Still feeling too much pain to attempt 4th 90-second round of running which began at bottom of large hill.

Walked – from main stadium entrance home.

1.42 miles/27 minutes

So off to boring workout I go. Have a great day!

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One response to “Hi ho, hi ho….

  1. damngoodagent

    February 7, 2012 at 10:02 am

    You are MILES ahead of me! I’m content to just talk about working out. Good for you for actually DOING it!


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