Weigh In Wednesday – Whew!

01 Feb

Although I knew the scale was going to show a loss this week, one never knows what the bottom line will be until one actually jumps on that sucker and takes a look. I can feel it and know I’m down, but I never know if it’s going to reflect on the scale.

Thankfully, it showed this morning. Down 1.9 pounds from last week. So the extra diligence and attempts at running have paid off. I’m still about 3 pounds from goal 1 below. But I’ll take it. It’s progress.

Last night I gave some thought to my revamped reward system. It’s still a work in progress as I’ve decided that it’s important to reward myself for fitness goals and not just weight loss. Even if I don’t lose weight but make strides (no pun intended) with running, it would be good to reward myself. Like when I run that 1-miler in May. Although the run itself and the satisfaction of not finishing last again (I certainly hope) is really reward enough. Maybe a new charm for my Pandora bracelet. Not sure.

So here are some of the changes –

Goal 1: Lose the weight I’ve gained back. No reward for that. My reward for losing 40 pounds in 2011 was to enjoy eating and sitting too much in November & December, thus gaining pounds back. Reward already spent. Removed the “reward already spent” part of this as I’ve worked damn hard to get back to this point so I’m going to reward myself. There’s a great women’s thrift sale in Annapolis in early March so if I can get back to 40 pounds total lost again by then (no reason at all that I can’t) I’m going to pick up a few things at the sale.

Goal 2: Ten pounds lighter than goal 1 – Day at the spa. I’m hoping to accomplish this by the end of February , 2012 because I think that’s reasonable, but I also love to have a spa day in the dead of winter. I used to do this every February but I had an unpleasant experience one year and as a result haven’t gone in several years. Hoping to accomplish this by the end of March.

Goal 3: Lose 15 more (end of April? Put a bunch of money aside to go to Maryland Sheep & Wool fest with stitch friends in May.  Moving goal 4 to here. Get new summer clothes. Last year’s shorts were getting loosish at the end of last season so I anticipate them falling off my butt by June.  I’m not sure if I’m going to S&W this year anyway as I need more yarn like I need a hole in my head. Anticipating reaching this goal sometime in June but who knows for sure. We’re planning a trip to NYC for Jay’s birthday and I’m already planning on eating my weight in pizza, Pommes Frites, and maybe finding the Soup Nazi. Regardless, I should be able to find some good deals this time of year and no longer having to look in plus sizes.

Goal 4: Lose 10 more – July/August. Not sure how to reward myself. Maybe another pedi. I’ll need it by the end of summer. Kind of lame though so I’ll have to think of something better. Maybe a trip home to Michigan. I’ll be due for that as well. I’m totally open to suggestions.

Goal 5: Lose 10 more. Sometime in September? When I get here I’m going to purchase the LUSH Legends gift box. This weight is my original goal from January 2011. I didn’t make it but I made great progress. This is the last weight when I was really happy. It’s not my lightest though. If I decide to go lower and actually do it, the reward will be huge.

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