2012 – 10 Things to Work On

01 Jan

New Year’s Eve here was pretty low key. There was a festival and fireworks downtown but we were too tired to deal with swarms of people so we just stayed home like any other night. We did cook up a special filet mignon dinner and some special snacks though.

And now today is a new day, a new year, a fresh start. Today I will get my office back in shape for work tomorrow. With all the home repairs and drama of the last quarter of 2011, I started working in the living room to keep watch on all the action. So tomorrow it’s back into my office where things are more organized and comfortable.

Although it is a new year there are no resolutions to be made. That’s just far too much pressure for me. So I prefer to call them guidelines and goals for better living and will do my best to accomplish them.

  1. Eat within SparkPeople calorie guidelines as well as eat as intuitively as possible. Lose at least 40 more pounds this year.
  2. More patience, calm, and kindness. Not just to others, but toward myself as well.
  3. Do some form of movement at least 3 times per week. Goals are to run the Annapolis 1k in May and then a 5k sometime before the end of the year.
  4. Last year I ate no fast food. Do that again in 2012.
  5. Work on managing my reactions to friends & family so I don’t allow them to upset me so much. Work on not taking thing so seriously or and getting freaked out so much.
  6. Be more thankful for what I have/share more of what I have. More focus to be made on glass half full mindset.
  7. Enjoy time spent with friends and on hobbies I love. Try to not be so lazy about getting to rehearsals/meetings on nights when I tired or crabby.
  8. Be more outspoken about things that piss me off. Embrace my inner Norma Rae.
  9. Work less – resist the pull of the money or overtime pay in favor of time off spent with friends, family, and just being still.Spend less time online doing mindless things.
  10. Simple living.  The last quarter was stressful and we found ourselves eating more but also spending more. We managed to stop ourselves right around Christmas when we were at Crate & Barrel and about to spend $40 on new coffee mugs. I really wanted them. I wanted to replace all the mismatched mugs with a set of 8 clear glass cafe mugs (they are lovely, no?) but I realized how stupid it would be to replace our perfectly good, if mismatched, mugs when it was totally unnecessary. So we resisted the urge and I’m proud of us for doing so.

Whilst all of these things are important goals I want to achieve this year, I want most to continue to drop more weight so I can enjoy life to its fullest. Although I’ve gained back a bit of the 40 pounds I lost in 2011 (and have been somewhat sluggish lately) I do feel so much better than this time last year so I’m looking forward to feeling even better as more weight comes off.

With this in mind, I’ve designed a reward system to coincide with my plan. I am notoriously cheap when it comes to certain things so the rewards are designed to be somewhat decadent to help me 1. want to achieve them; and 2. force me to be kind to myself by not denying myself nice things when appropriate. The plan is a reward for every 10-15 pounds lost. And I’m being purposely vague about the weights for all of these goals cuz that’s for me to know. Some things are just too personal 🙂

Goal 1: Lose the weight I’ve gained back. No reward for that. My reward for losing 40 pounds in 2011 was to enjoy eating and sitting too much in November & December, thus gaining pounds back. Reward already spent.

Goal 2: Ten pounds lighter than goal 1 – Day at the spa. I’m hoping to accomplish this by the end of February, 2012 because I think that’s reasonable, but I also love to have a spa day in the dead of winter. I used to do this every February but I had an unpleasant experience one year and as a result haven’t gone in several years.

Goal 3: Lose 15 more (end of April?) Put a bunch of money aside to go to Maryland Sheep & Wool fest with stitch friends in May.

Goal 4: Lose 10 more – Get new summer clothes.

Goal 5: Lose 10 more. When I get here I’m going to purchase the LUSH Legends gift box. This weight is my original goal from January 2011. I didn’t make it but I made great progress. This is the last weight when I was really happy. It’s not my lightest though. If I decide to go lower and actually do it, the reward will be huge.

Ultimate goal: If I can lose 15 more pounds from goal 5, I’m getting a treadmill or elliptical for indoor exercise when it’s too hot or crummy weather outside. Also, I want to go back to Atlantis in the Bahamas or to Pelican Beach Resort in Ft Lauderdale using the money that’s sitting in my online bank account waiting to be spent on something awesome.


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5 responses to “2012 – 10 Things to Work On

  1. DeniseNZ

    January 1, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    Thanks for the link, Bugg. Will read and be inspired!

  2. DeniseNZ

    January 3, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    And re your no. 2 in things to work on . . I bought a little wall plaque last year – it says “A little more laughter, a little less worry, a little more kindness, a little less hurry”. A try and remember to look at it often!

  3. writingfeemail

    January 7, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    I’m all for the tropical locations. Lose and leave for a nice warm beach!

  4. Frickin' Fabulous at 40

    January 13, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    Hey! I found you through Katie’s blog, I hope you don’t mind! I got tagged in a question game, so I tagged you. I won’t be offended if you don’t do it! It took me forever to get it done!!


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