Year in review

30 Dec

OK I know this post is kind of a cop out, especially since my last post was a meme. I have tons of subjects to write about but I’m truly enjoying my lazy vacation and don’t feel like writing about any one topic. Most of the topics surround end of year/new year things anyway so I’m jumping into Ellen at Fat Girl Wearing Thin’s year in review meme which covers several things that have been on my mind.

Here goes…

1. What did you want more of in 2011 and did you get it?

Three things and I got them all. First – Job satisfaction. When a co-worker left the company back in March, the executive team offered me her job. I was a bit miffed when they offered the job to her to begin with seeing as I have 15 years experience in QA and she had none, but that’s all water under the bridge and I’m where I should be now and I’m happy about it. I was feeling stale in my previous position and starting to entertain the idea of looking for a new job when the opportunity came up so it’s a good thing. Second – getting more involved in my community. I really love this little town and enjoy being part of making it better and enjoying it. Finally – just getting out there. For years I’ve been a lazy slug but that’s over now. I was the person who always looked for the closest parking spot, avoided movement, avoided doing things that involved too much walking or activity. Now that I’ve lost weight I have much more energy to enjoy more things.


2. What did you accomplish this year that surprised you? I finally learned to knit! I made some dishcloths for my mom, a baby blanket for a friend, and a scarf for my dad. I’m so happy to have finally learned and I’m looking forward to making some socks next year.

I also did not eat any fast food in 2011. OK that’s not entirely true. I went to Chickfila a handful of times but other than that, no fast food. Not a single bite of McDonald’s, BK, Wendy’s, or (GASP) my beloved Taco Bell.


3. Did you read any memorable books or see any great movies this year?  What made it/them great?

I read a lot this year. Only 32 books compared with 35 from last year, but still a lot. My favorite of the year was Confessions of a Prairie Bitch written by Alison Arngrim who played Nellie Olsen on Little House. It was SO good. Funny, interesting, and a very good read. I highly recommend it. I also listened to A Little Bit Wicked by Kristen Chenoweth and The Help. Wicked was read by the author so it was even more enjoyable than if someone else read it. The Help was read by a number of women so the voices, accents, and inflection really helped bring it to life. Because it was so enjoyable to listen to The Help, I have no desire to see the movie. The women are in my head as I imagined and heard them and I worry that seeing the movie would ruin it for me.

As far as movies, well I don’t go to the movies often, maybe twice a year. So the only movie I’ve seen this year is the last Harry Potter which was great.


4. What was your proudest accomplishment in 2011?

Losing 40 pounds and sticking to eating and movement in moderation for most of the year. I’ve never stuck with anything health-related for that long. I learned a lot about myself in the process and I’m looking forward to getting back on track and losing another 40 pounds this year.


5.  Did you do anything spontaneous that ended up enriching your life?

Hmmmm. The only thing I can think of at the moment is last week when I called a plumber to address the toilet leakage issue in the upstairs bathroom. He came here, diagnosed, fixed, and I made all the decisions on my own without freaking about it too much. Looks like I could use some spontaneity in my life in 2012, eh?


6.  Did you meet any interesting people in 2011 for whom you are grateful to have in your life?

The gals from stitch & bitch for sure. They are the most welcoming, fun group of women and we all totally click. I feel close to them as if we’ve been friends for years. I could ask or talk to them about anything and I’m so grateful for that. I also got to know my friend Peggy better this year and very much enjoyed the road trip we took together and spending time with her. I’m really just SO thankful to have so many new friends here in Maryland around whom I can be my totally weird self.


7.  What was missing from your life this year, and do you have any desire to reclaim it?

Fast food and my family and friends back home. I don’t have any desire to reclaim the fast food, but I do still miss my family and old friends so much. My wish for this missing piece for 2012 is that someone will come to visit us here in Maryland.


8.  Was there anything that happened in 2011 that you could have done without?

I could have done without the multiple natural disasters which wreaked havoc with my new house and my checkbook. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we can get thru 2012, or at least several months of it, without any expensive home or auto repair expenses.


9.  What lesson do you want to keep locked in your memory as this year comes to a permanent close?

That I am strong of body and mind and I can tackle any challenge that’s thrown my way. Be it snakes, earthquakes, hurricanes, or family drama, I can get thru it and it will make me smarter, stronger, whatever in the end.


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2 responses to “Year in review

  1. Ellen

    December 30, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    I love these answers. So thoughtful and honest. Yay for you on learning to knit!! I want to do that so badly, but know I’ll have to teach myself (and I don’t have the greatest faith in my abilities, I have to say). You really had a great year!

  2. emjayandthem

    December 31, 2011 at 11:34 am

    This is a great recap of an eventful year!! Congrats on many milestones and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012 🙂


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