Ready for some R&R

22 Dec

Today at 5pm I turn into a pumpkin. I’m off from my full time job until January 2nd. My part time job will keep me somewhat busy until about 11pm on the 25th, then I’m off from both jobs until the 2nd. I’m really looking forward to no drama and lots of rest and relaxation.

Yesterday was our margarita night for stitch & bitch. We usually meet at Starbucks but every 3rd Wednesday we hit a local Mexican place during happy hour for half price appetizers and margaritas. I have only gone a few times this year as I’ve been dieting and trying to avoid the place as I can’t control myself enough to not eat their delicious nachos. But since I’m playing hooky from the diet for another week or so, and I realllly needed a drink and some laughs, I went.

I almost didn’t make it though. I got out to my car and it was dead as a doornail. Popped the hood and saw that the battery was all corroded. Jay got home shortly thereafter and between him, me, and the next-door neighbor we got it pushed out into the street where they got it jumpstarted.

Jay is now officially off my holiday shitlist as a result. He dropped me off at stitch, took the car directly to Sam’s Club for a new battery, then came back to pick me up. But not before coming inside for a half price beer and being charming around my friends. I think he truly understands how stir crazy I get from being at home alone all day and that a few hours of girl talk and libations does wonders for my brain and physical well-being.

It rained a bit yesterday but the roof seems to have not leaked. At least I don’t think so. I’m still nervous about it as I think we’re in for several more episodes of rain over the next week or so, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that all is well, at least for the time being. I touched up the few dark spots on the bedroom ceiling with some white paint so at least they’re not the first thing I see when I wake up.  The one spot is still a bit visible so I’m hoping it’s just the cheapass paint I bought ($12 for 2 gallons at Lowe’s) and I need more coats. Before I painted I tested the spot and it seemed dry so, again, fingers crossed that the 2 inches of rain on its way here doesn’t come into the house. Oy. So stressed thinking about it as I know no one will be able to get here to look at it or fix it until Monday.Please, please, pleasssse don’t leak.

So once we get past the rain and onto the, hopefully, dry side of it, I can begin to relax. Can’t wait.



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