I’m over Christmas

21 Dec

Yeah, so I’m back to bitch about Christmas some more. This is the last year for Christmas. I’m putting my foot down. This is it.

Friday I boxed up all the gifts for family back home and sent them off to Michigan. Hopefully they’ll get there in time. As I mentioned last week, no one needs a damn thing so it’s a bunch of gift cards. I’m sick to death of buying gifts and basically just exchanging money. But I won’t go off on that rant again.

What I will bitch about though, is Jay. Now I know he’s not much into the holidays. In fact he hasn’t started shopping for me at all yet, while I finished his shopping back in July. I’m weird like that. I’ve set a limit of $50 this year and about 6 weeks ago I emailed him a list of ideas.

Saturday he asked me for a list. Um, Jay, check your frigging email. It was there and he had read it but forgot.

Sunday we were in a store and I pointed to and commented about a cute pair of fleece socks which, to me, was a pretty good hint that it was something I clearly liked. In fact, sometimes we’ll be walking around stores and I’ll say “oh this is cute, your wife would love this, this would be a great gift for your wife”. Anyway, he says yeah those are cute, what size do you wear, what color do you like best. So I say oh I like them all and I’d take an extra small.

He then grabbed a pair of extra small socks in one of the patterns and was going to buy it. Right there. Right there with me next to him! Ugh.

I’m well aware that I sound very bratty and ungrateful. I should be happy that I have a husband and that he wants to buy me a gift. But I think it’s incredibly rude to buy someone’s Christmas present right in front of them. What’s the point. I mean, we’ve known each other for 20 years and he can’t just buy something off my list, use the list as a guide, or remember even one of the 1,000 things I’ve pointed out over the last 6 months? He knows I love candles and LUSH. Get something there, right? Easy way out and I’ll love it.

I’m honestly to the point at which I don’t care anymore and Christmas gifts are just drudgery. So I’m done, finished, putting my foot down. Next year we’re just going to buy something for the house or go shopping together one day in December and buy whatever crap we need and call it even.

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