Fingers crossed for a rainy day

15 Dec

So the bastard contractors showed up today. And just too friggin’ weird.

Today I had a mini-meltdown while on the phone with Jay. I was all freaked out about what we’re going to do if they never called back or showed up. Well, we would have called someone else I suppose, but the basis of my meltdown was that we should have HAD to. The work was done in July, 2-year warranty, they needed to come back and make good on that. We shouldn’t have to call, and pay, someone else to fix what they should have fixed in July.

Anyway, I melted down on the phone today, complaining about how stressed I am, lamenting the fact that I can’t leave the house to shop or go for a walk as I’m waiting for either a phone call or for someone to come work on our house. He calmed me down explaining that they’re coming to work on the roof, not inside, and that I should get out of the house. Go work at Starbucks, do a little shopping, get away to lift my spirits.

So I took his word for it. I ordered some take out tamales, stopped into RiteAid for some toothpaste and Christmas cards, and then next door to the grocery store to stock up on Lean Cuisine. I was gone for maybe 20 minutes.

I get home and there are 2 guys climbing up a ladder onto my roof. They finally showed up!

But they did their job and then just left. No phone call, no knock on the door to say hey lady we’re done sorry our shitty work didn’t hold up to a little rain, you’re all set, yada, yada, yada. So it’s a damn good thing I came home when I did, otherwise we would have had no idea that they actually did the work. Doesn’t it just figure that they’d show up the one time no one was home?

Oy. So totally damn annoying. I’ve got my fingers double crossed that this repair 1. holds up longer than the first repair (like forever or at least a few years); and 2. that what they did doesn’t cause any new leaks. I’m a bit more calmed down but still feeling very on edge and panicky about damn near everything.  I really want to take a Xanax but I’m so afraid I’m going to have an allergic reaction to it and I don’t want, nor can I afford another trip to the ER this year. So I’m just hoping that the next rain will not lead to any leaks and we can put this behind us. I’m really looking forward to this year ending and going into 2012 without any major house drama.

On a lighter note, tonight was weekly stitch n bitch which is always a good time. We sit around and knit or crochet and bitch about stuff and laugh our asses off. I feel so fortunate to have found this awesome group of friends so soon after moving here. They totally life my spirits when I’m feeling blue.

And we had 2 really cool things happen tonight. The first was an older lady, maybe in her late 60s, asked if she could take our picture to prove to her husband that knitting is not something done just by old ladies. He had, apparently, been picking on her for years about the fact that she knits and seemed so happy to have stumbled across our group of 30-something knitters hanging around stitchin’ at Starbucks.

The other cool thing was that a 10-year-old boy noticed us and was expressing out of the ordinary interest. I tried not to stare at him, but he was trying desperately to get the attention of the lady he was there with and get her to notice us. After a few minutes he was successful and I heard him say “maybe they can help!”  So the gal tentatively walked over but the boy spoke. He held up his winter coat which clearly had a hole in it as the down and feathers were coming out. He walked right over and explained that his mother nor his aunt (whom he was with tonight) are unable to sew and asked if we could help.

One of the gals was able to help him and all was well, but I was very touched that he felt so confident about asking for help and he knew just who to turn to for that help. It just struck me as so cool. Great night.

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