Living up to the stereotype

14 Dec

No, not about me at all, but about contractors. Why do they have to suck so friggin’ BAD?

So you all know about the home improvement woes that plagued us since Hurricane Irene. Basically our sunroom started leaking during the hurricane, insurance turned us down for repairs, we vetted several contractors before choosing one and the work finally started in early November. In the end, they did a good job and the price was fairly reasonable, although they sucked at giving us a general idea of when they’d be at our house. I understand that they have lots of clients and every day is different, but if I’m paying someone $8,000 to do a job and they say “see you tomorrow” and then don’t show up “tomorrow” without calling to say that they won’t be here, I get pissed. I think that’s reasonable.

Anyway, we’re done with them, bygones, all is well, blah blah blah.

But back in May when we moved in, we had a small water leak in the roof that left dark, wet spots on our bedroom ceiling. Jay hired someone to seal up some leaks with the chimney pipes and all was well. Until last week when about 3.5 inches of rain fell and 1. the ceiling had wet spots again; and 2. a different spot in the roof was leaking actual water into the house.

So we figure it’s the same deal, called that contractor that night and he called the next day (Thursday) to say he’d be there on Friday.

So Friday I get up, shower, clean up the house. He calls at 11am to say he can’t make it but that he can be here on Saturday at a time of my choosing. He actually showed up right on time at 9am Saturday morning and I was happy that Jay was home to deal with it all. He went up on the roof, ID’d the issue, and said he’d be back on Monday to fix it.

It is now Wednesday and I’ve not seen or heard from him. I’ve left 3 messages but have not heard back. At least with the sunroom contractors they had an actual office with a receptionist, etc.

Grrr. I. Am. So. Pissed. I could not be more pissed. I mean, what the hell? If I told my boss oh yeah I’ll see you on Monday and then I don’t show up on Monday, or Tuesday for that matter, and don’t call him, I think I’d lose my job.

So what is it about these friggin’ people who say they’ll be there and then aren’t? How do they make a living? How do they get by in life? And why do so damn many of them pull this crap on clients? Some of the contractors we called re: the sunroom repair never showed up for estimates, some showed up, made suggestions, yada yada yada, then never delivered the estimates. I guess they have unlimited supplies of work from the hurricane or something and figure I’m like a weed in that if they piss me off and I don’t work with them, another customer will just pop up in my place. It’s just completely unacceptable to me, as well as mind-boggling.

Now, as pissed as I am, I can’t say that all contractors are like this. I’ve had some good luck, but it’s always with the non-essential stuff. For example, on the Monday before Thanksgiving I decided that I wanted to have my bathtub reglazed. I knew it would be about $400 so I looked around online, found a reputable place, called them. They answered right away and gave me an estimate over the phone. I called back an hour later to book it, they once again answered immediately, and booked me for the next day. The guy showed up very close to on time (he was 10 minutes late but called from the car to say he’d be 20 minutes late), got the job done, was nice and not annoying, and was done within a few hours.

But that was totally non-essential. Water coming into my house via the roof seems emergency-like for me so they should jump on that ASAP (especially since they “fixed” this issue once and we have a 2-year warranty) and delight me so that I can recommend them heartily to my friends and family. Am I right? Bastards.  We’ll see if he shows up or calls today. I have no idea what to do otherwise except perhaps call the sunroom contractors and hope they can get it right. I’m gonna be uber-pissed though if I end up paying someone else to fix this problem.

I Love Me – I love that my propensity for profanity increases according to my current level of pisstivity.

I Love Me II – Normally being this pissed would cause me to eat. Today it has not. My heart is beating out of my chest with anxiety, but I’m not eating. So I guess that’s a good thing.

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