Natural hair blues

13 Dec

So I’m getting kind of tired of the henna thing again. Yeah, I know, it happens a few times a year. Not that I don’t love the color because I do. I adore it. I get tons of compliments on it and it looks fabulous on me. And it’s not even the total pain in the ass that is the coloring process. It’s the state of my natural hair that has me thinking about going natural again.

Wow, just since the last time I henna’d I’ve noticed a ton more white hair growing out. I henna’d last week Tuesday but holy shit it was bad and it wasn’t all that long since the last time I colored. My hair is about brastrap length with short bangs and layered all over. I think I henna’d about 6 weeks ago and I swear there was an inch of white hair in some places!  The weird thing is that it’s not all coming in white, just in odd places.

For example, the top of my head still comes in brown, but my temples are a mix of brown and white. More white than brown at this point. There is also a bit of white on the sides but nothing at all on the top which is good. There is also a ton of it just along the hairline of my bangs. So if I need to do my roots and I’m wearing my bangs down on my forehead, you’d never know there was any white there. But if I pull them back in a headband, yikes. White city.

Now the issue isn’t that I’m physically unable to henna or even use chemical dye on it anymore. The issue is that the white is coming in much more concentrated levels thus the need to color more frequently.

So, again, I’m thinking do I keep this glorious red hair and just henna the roots much more often, or do I dye it all brown (which would be difficult to do over the henna) and let it grow out naturally to see what happens.

On one hand I feel too young to let all that white show. People still mistake me for being in my 20s. Do I want to look my age or have that Barbara Bush thing going on at only 42?  I don’t think so.

On the other hand, I feel like it might be kind of cool to see how it looks. I can always tone the white to blonde, right?

Regardless, I’ve got a few months to think about this as I just recently bought 400g of henna powder that I’m not about to let go to waste.

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