Black Friday Haul

25 Nov

So apparently I’m a total hypocrite. Not only did I go out to Kohl’s at midnight last night, I nudged the economy forward a bit with my early morning shopping spree. I’m just out of control in many areas lately and need to get a lot of stuff back under control.

So I got to Kohl’s at about 11:20 and there were already about 50 people in line. The line eventually wrapped around the side of the building and people got kind of crazy when the doors opened. Like they started running into the store and some people who had just pulled into the lot ran out of their cars and cut in line which was not cool at all. Some people in line behind me were really pissed about it and tried to prevent them from entering. While I agree that it was way out of line and rude, I wasn’t about to get knifed on Thanksgiving night trying to prevent someone from cutting the line.

After reviewing all the sale ads I made a list of a few things I wanted to pick up. First was the cashmere sweater, then an 18-piece set of lock & lock storage containers. I found them both fairly quickly then looked for the less important things on my list. I found cream colored gloves, a jewelry box, and the monkey patterned throw I wanted from the sale ad but couldn’t find a coffee carafe nor the style of slippers I wanted. All in all, I was back home by 12:45 and spent about $90. The retail price on the sweater was $125 so I’m happy about finding some good deals. Oh! And I got $30 in Kohl’s cash to spend later. Can’t beat that. I adore Kohl’s.

The only other item in the Black Friday ads that caught my attention was the $38 prelit Christmas tree from Joann’s. When we moved to Maryland last year we got rid of our old prelit Christmas tree. It was huge, like 8 feet tall, and so friggin’ heavy it was getting harder and harder for Jay and I to drag it up from then back down to the basement every year so we left it.We also have not put up a large Christmas tree since 2007 as we got 2 kittens in September 2008 and I didn’t want to deal with them trying to climb it.

Our Joann stores here totally suck. They are tiny, dark, and way understocked. So again I was on the fence about getting there when the doors opened at 6am only to find that they don’t have that item, especially since it was about 2:30am when I finally got to bed. I’ve never seen large items like that at Joann’s here in Maryland so I was skeptical. Still, I set my iPhone alarm for 5:15am and decided to see how I felt when it rang later this morning.

Oddly, I was out of bed in a flash after the alarm and ready to get that tree, if there were any to be had. And oddly, Jay was out of bed 5 minutes later stating that he wanted to go with me. I couldn’t believe it but it was nice to have the company and a partner in crime. And also great because he managed to snag the last tree. Had he not been there, I would have missed out. Turns out that there were only about 5 of them in stock and they were in the vestibule so we all walked right past them.

After entering the store, Jay went left and I was walking straight up the middle when I heard one of the salespeople say that the $38 trees are out in the vestibule. So I yelled to Jay and he went running out there and snagged the last one while I went to the (very awful understocked) yarn aisle to see if I could find any Lion Brand Homespun in the colors I wanted. It’s was half price and I need it to make a scarf that my mom wants. I didn’t find the exact colors I wanted to for half price I found something just as nice.

After that we headed to Sears as Jay had 2 $100 gift cards he’s dying to use to buy a new gas grill. He didn’t find one there but he found a pair of shoes (half off) and I found 2 pairs of slippers for $10 each (Normally $25 a pair). I also found 2 plain-ish sweaters for $15 each. I tried them on size Medium actually fit me but they’re made of a cotton blend so I got large. Kind of weird sizing there, clearly, as I haven’t lost that much weight.

Quick stop for breakfast, a stop at Home Depot, then home where we performed all sorts of domestic tasks all before noon. I finally hit the brick wall about 2pm and crashed on the couch watching a hockey game. Jay still had that grill haunting him so he started making calls and price comparing online and ended up getting that grill for a great price. What a wild, long day.

Tomorrow the wood flooring installers are coming to do their thing so we can hopefully get that room put back together and back to normal by Saturday evening. I’m hoping the neighbors have another bonfire tomorrow night as I’m not scheduled to work and could use some adult conversation and adult beverages.

My eating, while not totally out of control, is not good. Going to try to get that back under control by Monday. Next Friday is my birthday and I’ve got a dinner date with Jay that night and then a breakfast date with friends on Sunday. That’s just 2 meals. Not enough crazy to warrant being so out of control during every other meal. So my plan is to get back to my SparkPeople calorie counting on Sunday and get back on track with eating and my morning workouts. I’m still up only a few pounds but the scale needs to be going in the other direction.


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