Black Friday Black Friday something that rhymes with Friday

25 Nov

Yeah I can’t get that annoying Kohl’s Black Friday commercial out of my head. It’s just kind of stuck there and won’t go away.

Every few years I get the urge to get out into the Black Friday craziness, but this year I’m kind of over the holidays already. It seems like every year the retailers pull the holidays forward to the point where Halloween hasn’t arrived yet and the Christmas stuff is out. I can understand this push at craft stores. I’m a crafter so I know all about making holiday gifts and decorations in advance. It used to be that craft stores were the only places who stocked holiday merchandise in late summer/early fall. But now it’s everyone.

I feel bad for the people who have to leave their holiday gatherings early to open stores at 9pm tonight. I’m actually perusing the Black Friday ads tonight and noticed that Michael’s is open from 4-10pm tonight. Really? Like people really need to hit Michael’s to buy shit on Thanksgiving night? It just really saddens me. Yes, I’m sure some of those people are like me and have nothing special going on tonight but some of them are working against their will and have spent all day cooking, cleaning, entertaining, and now have to leave it all to go to work.

Back in the day when stores opened at 6am I thought that was bad enough. I remember my first Black Friday. It was 1994, the year I got married. Jay and I had a few holiday decorations but I needed to get an artificial tree and lights as inexpensively as possible so I scoured the ads and decided to hit Michael’s and another Detroit-based craft store to stock up. My mom was going to go with me to help grab stuff so I reminded her as I left her house on Thanksgiving night that I’d be picking her up at 5:15 on the dot and to just run out to my car.

So I get there at 5:15 and she comes out to my car with the most hideous black, bloody eye I’ve ever seen. She looked like she went 5 rounds with Mike Tyson. Apparently she hit the snooze button one too many times, woke up late, and in her haste to get out of bed she got tangled in the sheets, fell, and whacked her face on the nightstand. It was not pretty. To this day I still feel kind of bad about that.

This year I’m not feeling the urge to head out tonight or in the morning. I’m working tonight and feeling very sluglike. The only store that has me half-tempted is Kohl’s (despite their annoying commercial) as they have cute argyle cashmere sweaters on sale. I saw them last week but was too cheap to pay full price. We’ll see how I feel at midnight…..

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