Appreciate who you are

22 Nov

I don’t watch daytime TV very often, but yesterday I was watching The Today Show and was just blown away by Bobbi Brown. They were taking calls from women who wanted advice on applying makeup to “fix” perceived issues with their faces. Bobbi was as helpful as she could be while trying to get the message across that you just have to appreciate who you are and work with what you have. It was such a great message.

One gal called in saying that she has small eyes and tries to make them look larger “like so many other women do” and wanted to know how to achieve that look. She said she’s tried and tried but cannot do it. Bobbi told her “you cannot change the shape of your eye” and explained the best techniques for making the best of her natural eye shape.

Another gal called in wanting to know how to bring out her cheekbones so her face didn’t look so round and Bobbi said basically the same thing. That you cannot out bring out something that is not there.

Toward the end she actually seemed to be a bit frustrated with the effort and worry women have about making themselves look, well, not like themselves at all, but like someone else and her parting words for everyone watching were “appreciate who you are”.

I really loved this message, especially on a dreary Monday morning. Women spend so much time, money, and energy trying to “fix” things about ourselves or trying to make ourselves look like someone else. Bobbi’s right. You cannot create something with cosmetics that is not there to begin with. Using Ojon or ayurvedic spices in our shampoo is not going to suddenly cause our hair to grow thick and shiny like Indian women. Their hair grows out of their head like that! It’s genetic.

It’s really time for us women t0 start being comfortable in our own skin and for others to stop imposing their standards for appearance on others. We need to stop worrying about the Hollywood standards of beauty and truly appreciate who we are! Thanks for the inspiration, Bobbi!

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One response to “Appreciate who you are

  1. lilithrose76

    November 22, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Said perfectly 🙂


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