More “learnings”

21 Nov

OK so that word – “learnings” – it’s one of those words that annoys the PISS out of me. It’s not a noun. Please don’t try to make a noun out of a verb. It really disturbs me to hear this term thrown around at work by intelligent, educated people for whom I have a great deal of respect. It just sounds ridiculous. Please just say “lessons learned”.

You may ask “Why did you title your blog post with such an offensive word?”  Well because I find it amusing to use incorrect words from time to time. My friend Renee and I are nuts and get a kick out of communicating using words that people misuse or mispronounce just for kicks. Words such as irregardless, learnings, saying pellows and melk rather than pillows and milk. That kind of thing. We are easily amused.

So anyway, there is a point to this post and it is that I have more learnings, er lessons learned, observations to share:

I’ve said a million times before that I believe calories are calories and my intent is to consume between 1,200 and 1,600 of them each day regardless of their source. For example, eat nothing but Doritos every day as long as you don’t exceed 1,600 calories in total. Or eat nothing but oranges and chocolate as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum for the day. A calorie is a calorie in my eyes.

Although I do believe that, I have found over the last week that eating less processed and refined foods really does keep me more satisfied and my cravings better controlled than when I eat more processed foods. I believe the latter is why I’ve had such a hard time getting back on track after the past two months of indulgence. I’ve been doing great for exactly one week now and feel like I’m back on track for getting this remaining 40 pounds (or more, we’ll see once I get there) off by summer.

Last Sunday I reviewed my SparkPeople nutrition trackers from January to see what I was doing back then that was so successful. When I began this journey, I was eating more whole foods. Specifically, more chicken breasts, brown rice, and just a little bit of satisfying sweets every night. I was very satisfied and never ravenously hungry. Compare that with the last few months where I started sneaking more processed things into the mix. I find myself hungry much more often, especially at night, and often consume more sweets and chips. All within my calorie range for the day, but more nonetheless.

Over the past week I added more chicken breast back in and made up a huge pot of brown rice (frozen in single serving baggies for easy reheating). I’ve also gone back to having one or two York Peppermint Patties or Dove Promises in the evening to satisfy my sweets cravings. And I’ve found that I’m much more satisfied and not nearly as hungry between meals as I’ve recently become.

So that’s good news! I feel like I’m well on my way to getting things back under control which is a good thing. Especially with the holidays coming (food temptations and all). At this point I’m up only 3 pounds from the 40 pound loss. I’m hoping to lose that and a bit more by January 1st. If not, I’m still 40-ish pounds lighter than the same time last year and that’s a great feeling.

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