A night of music and other random noises

20 Nov

The symphony concert on Friday night was fantastic. I’m so thankful to have a small, local symphony within walking distance of my house. Not that I’d ever walk though. It’s just a bit too far when wearing heels and there are no sidewalks for part of the walk. Anyway, it’s very close so there’s no need to drive into Baltimore and fight the city, parking fees, etc.

They played a Beethoven overture that was pretty good although not completely exciting, then a piece by a local composer who is still living. She’s a gal maybe in her 30s and the piece was great. Dark and odd, but really enjoyable. Finally they did Pictures at an Exhibition which I’ve never heard. Well I’m sure I’ve heard parts of it. The underlying theme sounded familiar so I’ve probably heard parts of it but didn’t know that’s what I was listening to.

The concert itself was terrific, but why oh why do people have to be so annoying? I’ve never heard so much talking, rattling of candy wrappers, and general noise as I did on Friday night. Yeah, I know one sometimes has to cough, sneeze, belch, etc and those noises are fine. But the unwrapping of food, zipping and unzipping of zippers, and talking just blows my mind.

About 2 minutes after the show started a woman squeezed into the row behind me, talking all the way, stepping on toes (literally) and then proceeded to chat with her 12-year-old-ish nephew for the entire first half of the concert. Nathan, that’s a tympani. Nathan, that’s a bassoon. Oh I don’t know what that is. Maybe it’s an oboe or maybe a saxophone. I finally turned around and said it’s a bass clarinet and could you please stop talking? They either moved or didn’t come back after intermission which is just fine by me. I understand she was using it as a night out with her nephew and as a teaching opportunity, but there are concerts specifically for children where talking during the concert is acceptable and encouraged. Ugh.

With the exception of me, chatty auntie, and Nathan, most of the audience were people over 60 so I’d expect better manners from that generation.

So other than the noises, the concert was great.

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