Ahh the joys of working with contractors

15 Nov

I’ll be so friggin’ happy when this sunroom renovation is complete. I honestly don’ t know how people deal with having their entire home or kitchen or basement under construction for long periods of time. It’s been about 10 days with this project but it’s seemed like a damn lifetime and there have been issues every step of the way.

So Friday we thought all the work was done. Saturday afternoon/evening we primed, Sunday we painted and Jay installed the baseboards. Saturday afternoon we contracted with yet another company to lay the wood flooring. Sunday I attempted to reattach the outlet covers for the light switches and electrical outlets to find that they are about 3/4 too short. The walls used to have paneling but now have drywall which is about 3 times thicker so someone needs to come out and install some sort of extenders behind each of the 8 outlets to bring them forward and more flush with the walls.

I called yesterday and was told “I’ll be out this afternoon or first thing Tuesday morning”. So I skipped my morning walk and waited. And waited. And waited.

At lunchtime I called to find out where the hell my contractor was and he said 2 guys are on holiday and 2 called in sick. OK well WHERE THE HELL WAS MY PHONE CALL TELLING ME NOT TODAY???? Ugh. This is a simple concept people. At noon he said he’d be out “late this afternoon”. Then at 3 he called to say he’ll be here “first thing Wednesday morning”. I’m so glad I didn’t make the final payment on Friday. Sometimes I’m smart like that.

But, get this!  The office manager called shortly thereafter to ask why I hadn’t paid yet!  Um, well finish the job and I’ll pay. Give me a break.

Now the flooring people called and said the quarter-round trim that was supposed to be installed on Saturday the 19th is on back order so my options are to either reschedule the whole job until the 29th or have them lay the floor on the 19th and then come back on the 29th to finish. I’m so proud of myself for thinking fast and explained that we have 8 people coming to Thanksgiving dinner on the 24th and need to get all my shit back in that room. So they’re going to find a way to make it all happen before then. We’ll see about that. But I’m glad I took a stand. I’m just really tired of all the delays and changes. That shit gets old.

All of this means that I skipped my morning workout today because I had to wait. And since contractordork is coming “first thing tomorrow” that means I’ll have to skip again and the flooring company is coming on Thursday morning so skipsville again. I’ve really come to like and look forward to getting outside to exercise so this pisses me off. I used to be more of an in home exercise DVD gal but I have come to prefer being outside now. So I guess if I want to work out it’ll have to be a DVD (I just don’t feel safe walking the trail at night by myself).

I Love Me – Kind of a long one today and there are 2 of them.

I made a quick trip to the post office whilst waiting for contractordork today. I had to return something to QVC, not that you care 🙂 So I went at lunch, the worst possible time, but I really thought contractordork was going to arrive around lunch time. Parking at the post office closest to my house totally blows so I was annoyed before I even got out of my car as people were just driving around in circles, parked where they shouldn’t be, and being nuisances.

1. I was pissed because one of the aforementioned morons took the last spot in the lot and another took what I thought was the last spot in the street. But then someone pulled out of street parking just as I was driving by and I was able to snag his spot. Which means I parallel parked. And I did it right, didn’t have to try 13 times, just pulled up, turned the wheel, backed my baby up, and squeezed into that little spot. I am SO proud of myself for even trying and at having been successful.

2. While in line, the gal behind me gushed about how beautiful my hair color is and that it’s ridiculously shiny. She was so cute, apologizing for being weird and telling me. She said “I’ve been staring at it since I got behind you and wasn’t going to say anything because I thought you’d think I was weird but I just have to tell you”. So nice! Especially considering she was that moron who took the last space in the lot. LOL

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