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10 Nov

Yesterday was a long, stressful day. No wonder I totally forgot to blog. Ooops! Well, I’m back now so here’s what’s new:

Home improvement – The contractors didn’t show up. They said on Tuesday “see ya tomorrow” on their way out so there I was, showered, dressed, ready at 7:30 am, cats in the basement. And we waited. And waited. Finally at noon I called the office and they said oh yeah they’re not scheduled to come out today. Grrrr. At 4pm I called to find out if they were coming back today and to bitch about the fact that no one called to let me know they weren’t on schedule for Wednesday. Hoping that doesn’t happen again. Thankfully we’re very close to being done with this. I think anyway. Also thankfully, the contractors for the installation of our new screen door showed up on time and got that sucker installed in 55 minutes. Amazing.

Dad – Part of my stressful day as my mom seems frantic thinking he’s going to drop dead at any minute so she’s got me all on edge. Again, I feel bad that I don’t have much to say about this, but my relationship with him is what it is and I don’t see that changing.

Jay’s car – Today is the last day the insurance company will pay for the rental but we haven’t heard from the body shop if his car is ready to bring home. I’m amazed that Jay took it there after the huge fiasco with my car repairs over the summer, but the place is conveniently close to home and we’re new here so we really don’t know of a better place. Hopefully it will be ready today and that stressful mess will be behind us.

Diet – That is what it is right now too. I do great for a few days then totally blow it. It’s stress eating for sure. An addiction. When I found out we weren’t on the schedule for construction yesterday my first instinct was to eat . In my brain’s defense, it was lunchtime and I was super hungry. So I ate a Lean Cuisine that was good and filling. Still I was pissed and when I was ravenous again 2 hours later I stuffed myself with pierogies and some cheese.  Halfway thru I was full but ate them all anyway. Ugh.

Today I’m just trying to eat intuitively without counting calories. Tonight we have a party for new subscribers to the local symphony. Cocktails and light food (whatever that means) that I’m looking forward to. I’m not really into that kind of thing but it’s at the house of one of the big time donors and I just want to get into their mansion. LOL.  I’ll let y’all know how it went tomorrow.



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