One day closer

07 Nov

Before we ran into the serious decay issues with our sunroom we were on schedule to be finished today. Unfortunately it looks like at least one more full day of work, maybe even part of Wednesday before they’re done.

But wow, they’re doing a great job. Today they finished drywall installation and the first coat of mud. They also ripped out the existing ugly ceramic tile and a few layers of subfloor. The best news though is that we have a beautiful new sliding glass door that’s not warped and letting cold air in. Yay!  I’m really glad that we decided to have them remove the tile as it was a TON of work and they totally earned their wages today ripping all that crap up and hauling it out of here. We still have a lot of work to do ourselves once they’re done (new flooring, paint the ceiling and walls, baseboards, paint trim) but the main stuff will finally be done.

Did well today getting back on track with the diet. Still up a few pounds after getting halfway to goal, but that’s life. Looking forward to getting back to my regular morning workouts once the construction drama is over with.

So not too much excitement around here today except for work and construction. Hopefully I’ll have something interesting to say tomorrow 🙂

I Love Me – When I play my flute, I have really good tone. Even if the band director doesn’t know I exist.  More on that rant next Monday. LOL

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