Brown paper packages tied up with strings…

05 Nov

These are a few of my favorite things. It’s been that kind of day. A good, productive day and we made a few bucks to boot.

Jay was working traffic control for football game today so I had the day to myself. Rather than fret about the rising costs of our home repairs or sit on my ass in the living room, I decided to get outside and get some stuff done.  After Jay left I ran out to Joann’s looking for some yarn for a shawl I want to make. One bad thing about living in a small town is that the craft stores suck big time. Really small and totally crummy yarn selection. Boo. I’m used to having craft superstores but there is no suck animal here. At least not within 10 miles. So I walked out with nothing.

After that I went to the sporting goods store to check out their selection of winter weight workout tops. I really want some Under Armour Cold Gear. Like maybe 2 long sleeve shirts. But they’re like $50 and I just can’t see spending that much, especially since I’ve been totally slacking in the way of working out and getting back on track with my diet. So again I got nothing.

Stopped for a quick bagel on my way home then got out our traffic cones and marked our parking spots. It’s $20 to park at the stadium and the parking there is limited so the droves of tailgaters and spectators park in our neighborhood. That’s where the few bucks were made. When it gets really close to game time and there is no parking for miles we sell our 2 driveway spots for $20 each and people are happy to pay it. I find that absolutely amazing since one thing I hate to pay for is parking. I cannot imagine paying $20 for parking anywhere. But whatever, I don’t care. Every home game is an extra $20-$40 in my pocket so I’ve finally found a reason to love football 🙂

I decided to spend the rest of the day outside being productive. So I got the white exterior paint out and painted all the woodwork, posts, railings, and spindles on our porch. A big job. It took me four hours but it looks so much better. It’s not the greatest railing and it was very dingy looking (even after scrubbing it) so it looks 200% better.

During this process I learned another lesson about living in a small town: You will run into people you know when you look like hell.

Picture it. I’m outside in old stretchy workout shorts that are 2 sizes too large, a paint-covered t-shirt, totally hairy legs, and a crapton of paint in my hair. Yeah, I’ve never learned to remember to wear a hat when I paint so I end up with paint in my hair. And as I’m bending over to paint something, big ass all sticking out for the world to see, I hear my name. So I stand up and find the couple we bought our house from in my driveway, heading over to the football game.  The beautiful ones. In all their Eddie Bauer J Crew perfect glory.

Ugh. How embarrassing. Well at least I was making the house look pretty. As I was painting I was thinking to myself that I wondered if either of them had ever picked up a paintbrush in all the years they lived here. I kind of doubted it. Then they showed up.


Karma’s a bitch.

Determined to not let this ruin my day, I went back to painting and whistled along to the Sound of Music. Apparently I was whistling pretty loudly as two couples stopped in front of my house, smiled, and started to sing along!  Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudel, doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles. Totally made my day.

And determined to not let that fun end when the painting project was over, I took Jay out to our favorite German restaurant for dinner and had schnitzel with noodles.  Good, good day. I’m exhausted, but in a good way, not a bummed out way which has been the norm lately.

I Love Me – I’m a good whistler!

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