Soup is good food

30 Oct

I’m still craving hot, steamy, fall foods, but I think I’ve figured out what to do about it. Soup! On Wednesday when I was craving something comforting from the diner, all I could think of was hot soup. Matzo ball from the diner, or broccoli cheese with a huge hunk of bread from Panera. So, duh, I’m making soup.

Soup is one of my favorite foods regardless of time of year. In summer, when everyone is eating salads and fruit and light things, I’m still right there wanting soup. So I’m making a big pot of my favorite cabbage soup. No, I’m not going to do anything crazy like the cabbage soup diet, just eat it normally and maybe a few times a day until I get over this craving. It’s so flavorful and just a bit spicy and super low in calories. Yum!  Sometimes I’ll throw in a serving of pasta and some parmesan cheese to bulk it up a little but it’s great as is. Can’t wait til it’s done.

I don’t really follow a recipe. Not that I’m one of those great cooks who can throw a bunch of ingredients together and make a masterpiece, but it’s just soup, not rocket science. For my cabbage soup I use half a head of cabbage (or shredded cabbage in a bag, whatever is cheaper), a big can of V8 (store brand is fine), and whatever veggies I want or on hand. Usually carrots, onion, celery, the usual soup veggies. I have added things like green beans, tomatoes, etc and it’s fine. Oh, a bit of beef stock or beef bouillon mixed with water but this is totally optional. I just like a bit of beefiness in my soup. Then just let everything simmer until the veggies are good and soft and that’s it. Couldn’t be easier. It freezes well too.


Do you love soup too? What are some of your favorites?  Recipes are welcome, by the way 🙂

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