Little Houdini

28 Oct

Just realized that with all the drama of Jay’s car repair and my cravings, I totally forgot to mention that our cat Izze, AKA Little Houdini (amongst other names not suitable for print), escaped on Wednesday night whilst Jay was taking the garbage out. Oy. These cats are going to be the death of me.

Jay was taking out the trash at about 11:30 last night and I was getting into bed. I hadn’t closed the bedroom blinds yet and that window overlooks our driveway and front lawn. I see someone out on the lawn with a flashlight so naturally I get worried  that there’s a creepo out there. Turns out it was Jay who informed me that he saw what looked like Izze’s white legs turning the corner around our deck in our back yard and he was looking for her.  Also turns out that he had already been looking for her for approximately 15 minutes without luck and, apparently, needed my help.

Jay does some really dumbassed things, like leaving exterior doors open so cats can get out, but he’s smart in that he looked for the cat first hoping to find her without my intervention so this could be a “you’ll never guess what just happened, happy ending story” rather than having to ask me for help and facing my wrath.

And yes, I was pretty pissed. You’d think that with all the scares we’ve had over the years with losing cats (more on that later), and mice and creepy bugs getting into the house, he’d learn his lesson and NOT leave friggin’ doors open. But no. Several years ago (1999-ish to be exact-ish), our beloved cat, Mia, pulled a Houdini on us. Same situation. He was taking the garbage out late at night, let the screen door shut on its own rather than pushing it shut, and she ran out. We realized it the next morning and spent the entire day looking for her and crying and missing a day of work.  About 11pm that night a neighbor 2 blocks away found her on their deck, realized she had ID tags, and called us.  By midnight Mia was home, a little worse for wear having picked up numerous ticks and a scratch on her cornea from having wandered around the woods for who knows how long.

So when this happened last night I was sure it would be worse than Mia’s escape. You see, Izze is a wild cat. We found her in our backyard in Michigan when she was only 3 weeks old, having been abandoned by her feral family. She was a runt and is still very tiny and needy although she’s 3 years old now. But she is wild thru and thru. I’ve told Jay that if she ever develops a serious illness, I don’t know what we’ll do as she cannot be caught easily for all the money in the world. Taking her to the vet is a 2-person job so trying to medicate her with any regularity would be a nightmare. Our petsitter never ever sees her and just trusts that we truly have a cat.

Little Houdini

Anyway, when I learned that Izze had escaped, I was pissed for a number of reasons:

  1. Why was the damn door left open AGAIN?
  2. We’ll never find her. She’s a great hider. We often lose her in the house. When we moved to Maryland she climbed into the fireplace and up the chimney and was gone for a whole day up there. I had a hunch she was up there but it wasn’t until we found Mia looking up the chimney that we knew she was in there for sure.
  3. Our minds would never get a rest wondering what happened to her
  4. I was amazed that she ran out to begin with and was pissed at her for being so stupid. We cannot sneeze or turn the page in a book without her freaking out, why the hell would she run out into the great outdoors???? Moron.
  5. Finally, being a wildcat, she refuses to wear the collar with ID tag that her sweet wonderful sister Luna is happy to wear.

I just wanted to go to bed and not deal with the drama. I honestly had already written her off as a loss and told Luna (yes I talk to my cats) that we’d get her a new sister, a nice sweet sister ASAP.

We looked all over the yard, Jay scoured the neighborhood, then I realized she was under the shed. Under a 10 x 12 foot shed and right in the middle. Jay tried to coax her out but after 20 minutes she didn’t budge.

And then we got lucky. I poked a 2×4 under the shed to get her to run toward Jay but she ran out and made a beeline for the house. Under the shed we could maybe eventually coax her out, but running around the yard, that was kind of freaky. She could have started running around the neighborhood. Fortunately she ran directly back to the house in the direction of the back door, cried and freaked out, then ran right into the house and into a closet the minute Jay got the door open.

ARGH! I love my cats. I adore them. But I swear they are going to be the death of me. Izze anyway. Luna is no worry at all but Izze is a holy terror. When Jay realized Izze had gotten out he ran into the house to get a flashlight and there was Luna. Walking around in circles, chirping, indicating that something was wrong. That cat is like freakin’ Lassie. Love her.

Luna - Lassie of the feline variety

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