I just spit out a cupcake

26 Oct

I know! I can hardly believe it myself. An hour ago I was ready to totally pig out and now here I am spitting out cupcakes.

So I’m really struggling. Half of me wants to get back on track and continue losing weight. Half of me is responding to my physiological clock which wants me to stuff myself with high-calorie comfort foods to prepare for hibernation. Thankfully my husband is a major procrastinator and saved me from indulging and regretting the decision to do so.

Today I’m tired and cold. Jay came home and wanted dinner. Poor thing, I never cook anymore because I’m dieting and the stuff he likes to eat in no way, shape, or form fits into a diet plan. Yes, friends, he is one of those folks blessed with perfect metabolism who just naturally burns off anything he eats without having to do much physically. So unfair.

So he came home and was trying to talk me into ordering Thai. I said no, but 30 minutes later I was trying to get him to get takeout from our local diner. Takeout in the form of  a gyro sandwich, soup, fries, and something chocolate. I’ve been craving a chocolate cupcake for about 3 weeks now but have not indulged yet.

Thankfully he is a procrastinator and waited to long to respond to my request so I made a bowl of soup that fell well within my SparkPeople calorie range for the day. He went to the grocery store and picked up something to cook for himself, as well as some Stouffer’s frozen entrees for lunches.

So where does the cupcake fit into this?

Well after I plugged the soup into SparkPeople, I have 400 calories left so I told him that if there was a good-looking cupcake in the bakery case, I wouldn’t turn it down. He came home with what looked like the most delicious cupcake ever.  I licked or rather attempted to lick the frosting off the top and found it hard and tasteless. No problem, I’m not a huge frosting fan so I scraped it off thinking the yellow cake would be good. Not a chance. It was cold, hard, and tasteless to the point that I literally spit it into my soup bowl.

That’s disgusting, I know, but I’m very proud of myself. The former me, the me prior to January 2011, would have eaten that crappy cupcake anyway, not enjoyed it, and found something better to eat on top of that. The new me said nope, not worth it.

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