Leaving on a jet plane

19 Oct

Yes, I’ve always got a song running thru my head, thus the reason so many of  my blog titles are songs 🙂

But I am leaving on a jet plane in the morning. Heading home to Michigan until Sunday afternoon. I was home last in mid-April when I stopped home for a few days prior to a trip to Chicago for work (my office is based there but I work from wherever we live).

Last time I was home, my dad had stopped dialysis 3 weeks prior so I had to stop and put an eyeball on him, see how he was doing. He stopped dialysis about 30 weeks ago and is still kickin’ so stopping it hasn’t caused too much upheaval which is good, but his kidneys are not in good shape by any stretch of the imagination which is not so good. He just keeps on tickin’ though somehow. Amazing.

I have a full schedule starting with getting my hair cut on Thursday afternoon at my old salon. I found a salon & stylist here that I like but it’s $50 for a trim and blow dry and back home it’s half that. Fortunately I only cut my hair about twice a year so it’s not horribly expensive to pay $50 but I do love the way she cuts it. Plus I became friends with my stylist so I’m looking forward to seeing her as well.

Then Friday will be lunch with Ken, hang out with my mom and aunt, then dinner and a sleepover at Rach’s house. We’re planning to knit and crochet and watch some old movies and stay up late like old times. We met going on 30 years ago so she’s my oldest, dearest friend and like a sister to me. We only see each other twice a year now that I’ve moved but when we get together it’s like a day hasn’t gone by and we pick right back up where we left off. We’re doing the sleepover this time because we never seem to have enough time together when I’m home so this way we can stay up all night talking and crafting.

Saturday I’m back at my parents’ house to maybe do a little geocaching with my mom and nephew. My brother is super busy so I’m sure I’ll see him but maybe just for a few minutes.

So that’s the plan for after I get there.  But getting there is the hard part. I hate to fly. Hate. It. Any little bit of turbulence totally freaks me out, especially when I’m traveling alone. To make matters worse, it’s all rainy and windy between here and Michigan so I know already that it’s not going to be a good flight. Fortunately it’s only about an hour and half.

My husband just started a new job so he’s not coming with me. Honestly, I’m kind of glad as I’ll be able to do whatever I want but I’ll miss having him on the flight. LOL I know that sounds terrible. But he’s not really on speaking terms with his family so he’d likely go to their house unannounced and if no one was home that would be it. So after he had his initial visit with my family and visited a few of his favorite restaurants he’d be bored. Without him I can do all my gallivanting about town, visiting, shopping, sleepover, etc without worrying that he’s bored.

So that’s that. Hoping for a smooth flight tomorrow!

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