More online order FAILURES!

12 Oct

Ugh!  What the hell is up with all of this online ordering madness lately? I order a lot online so the percentage of orders screwed up vs the ones that go through successfully is still fairly well-balanced, but damn it’s annoying when it goes wrong.

There’s obviously the issue I had in September with the Navy merchandise I ordered that was out of stock but they still let me order them. And the items are still shown for sale on their site. Annoying.

Over the summer I placed an order from and two orders showed up. And I was charged twice. When I called customer service I was lectured about hitting the Submit button multiple times and they blamed it on me. Hellllooooo, I’ve been using computers since before you were born. I think I know better than to click the button more than once. They did eventually send me a label to return the item but they were grudgy about it, insisting that it was my fault for being too clicky. Whatever.

Then last week I had the same issue with Lane Bryant. Ordered some bras, submitted the order, 2 orders showed up. They again blamed it on me but, less grudingly, agreed to send a shipping label so I can return the extra merchandise.  What a pain. I’m grateful to be able to send it back prepaid, but I hate going to the post office. Guess I’ll do that tomorrow.

Oh and while I’m thinking about it, I order these chicken breasts regularly from QVC. It’s on an autoship plan so they automatically send them every 60 days or so. They are ridiculously expensive but they’re great to keep on hand for when I want a quick low-cal dinner or lunch for me or both of us. I’ve been on this autoship plan for about a year. Twice during this time my orders have arrived and they were thawed and actually warm to the touch. They come in a styrofoam cooler with a big block of dry ice and are supposed to arrive completely frozen.

So I called customer service and they shipped it out again. Same problem. Finally on the 3rd shipment they were frozen. I feel bad enough about occasionally eating meat, but this just really pissed me off considering 20 chickens totally died in vain. My mom ordered them once and hers arrived totally thawed as well. She was super pissed and just asked for a refund and not a new shipment. I guess that explains why they’re so expensive. They must have to jack up the price to compensate for all these thawed orders. Very sad.

It just makes me wonder why so much incompetence? Is it easier and quicker to just replace chicken orders or issue free shipping labels than it is to get the systems working correctly so mistakes like this don’t happen?

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