Online order FAIL – a follow up

09 Oct

So I just realized that I never followed up with details of what happened with the online order I placed that failed miserably. Sorry!  Sometimes I blog my ass off, sometimes I totally forget about my blog for weeks at a time.

OK so like a month ago I placed an order for some Navy football logo gear. They had a good sale on some shirts I liked so I ordered a few shirts for myself and then added a shirt and some shot glasses and such for my husband. Just enough stuff to get my order up to $50 to get free shipping and also get him some stuff for Christmas.

A week after placing my order, they emailed a vague packing slip type thing indicating that all the stuff for me was out of stock. Grrr. I hate it when companies have out of stock merchandise on their sites. So basically you order it, plan to enjoy it, expect it will be delivered, you’ve paid for it…. only to be told they don’t have any.  Grrr. Take it off the site then.

So anyway, yeah, the order arrived and it was all hubby’s stuff. No shirts for me, boohoo. About a week later they refunded me the $30 for the out of stock items without me having to bug them about it. But here we are more than a month later and that damn merchandise is still for sale on their site. Ridiculous.

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