Power of the internet? Online ordering: FAIL

12 Sep

In many of my previous posts, I’ve extolled to a great extent the power of the internet and why I’m such an internet geek. I love being able to Google anything and find an instant answer. What was the name of that song I heard on the radio, how old was Kate Winslet when she filmed Titanic, does Target  have the Dirt Devil tattoo vaccum at the Bowie, Maryland store?  That kind of thing.

I also adore shopping online. Thanks to cash back sites like eBates,  coupon code sites like, and Facebook coupons, I’m able to save lots of money when I shop online from the comfort of home. But what really frosts my ass is when a site has items for sale on their site that are out of stock. For example, last week I placed an order for some college football team items. I found three t-shirts for myself and one for my husband. They totaled about $45 and I had a 20% off code for use if I spent $50 or more. So I found a few small stocking stuffer items for my husband (yes I’m one of those freaks who starts Christmas shopping in September) to bring the total up to $52 and got the whole order for less than $50 including shipping.  Good deal.

So the order goes thru and all is well. Six days later I get an email packing slip and it shows that the t-shirts are out of stock. Well if they were out of stock, why was I able to order them to begin with? I understand that this is a small retailer and it’s college football season so they maybe filled the orders that came in before mine and then were out of stock when they fulfilled my order. But I still don’t know if these items are in my order! The “packing slip” shows quantity of 1 of each of the shirts, but the description of the shirts says “out of stock”.

When I called to inquire about the contradictory packing slip, the rep said the order has already been shipped and she didn’t know if the shirts are part of the order or not, but that if I don’t want the order I can refuse shipment when it arrives.  Oy. So no one knows if the shirts are there or not.

That kind of thing drives me nuts. I’ve been charged for the three shirts but no one can say with any certainty whether they are in the package or not so I have to open it when it gets here and hope it’s all there. If not, then I guess I have to fight for my refund. It’s just so annoying to be charged immediately for an order when items may not be in stock. That just doesn’t seem right. It’s scheduled to be delivered today so we’ll see! Right now, this is an online shopping FAIL.

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