Stop the world, I wanna get off!

10 Sep

The past 2 weeks have been pretty shitty. In retrospect, I have a lot to be grateful for, but I’m really just ready for all the drama to stop.

OK so this is what’s up:

  1. August 23 – Earthquake that scared the hell out of me.
  2. August 27-28 – Hurricane Irene blew thru Maryland and it pretty much sucked. We rode the storm out in the basement of our strong as a brick shithouse home and nothing too dramatic happened. The house is all concrete and stucco. Very sturdy so we heard minimal wind and rain and never lost electricity. Some people in our neighborhood who live closer to the water were without electricity for nearly a week. We had a few small leaks in the unfinished part of our basement and our sunroom wall leaked a lot of water, but that’s it. No big damage, thank goodness. In a very weird way it was actually kind of fun to go downtown and help people fill sandbags. It gave me a good community warm and fuzzy feeling even though I was scared half out of my mind. Again, thankfully we had minimal damage. Not so much fun for those who lost power or suffered losses, I get that and am not minimizing the hurricane at all. It was scary.
  3. September 1 – About noon I was working and heard all the neighborhood dogs going crazy so I looked out and there were literally a dozen cops scattered across the 4 lawns (including mine) I could see looking out my front window. Of course I had some crazy deep conditioner on my hair so I quickly reached for my husband’s police radio and tuned in whilst I washed the gunk out of my hair and learned that some friggin crazyass convict escaped from the courthouse about a half mile from my house and ran directly into my neighborhood. He apparently used to live in the neighborhood (oh joy) and ran here, allegedly, to procure weapons from his former residence and then get away. We were on total lockdown for 12 hours before they finally caught the guy at about midnight. He was in the rafters of someone’s garage all day. When the cops eased up on the manhunt (after they searched everyone’s homes and garages and had the neighborhood on total lockdown) he made his move and they captured him in the river trying to swim away. Scary stuff.
  4. All this week – It’s been raining non-stop since Labor Day due to Hurricane Lee and Hurricane Katia fighting one another for superiority and east coast dominance. As a result, neither of the storms moved out of the way with any speed and just hovered over the VA, MD, PA, NY, etc since Monday. I’m on vacation this week and had all kinds of plans to paint the shed, work on cutting back the summer garden and prepping the fall garden, going to the zoo, all kinds of outdoor stuff. But it has literally been raining until about 3pm today. Five days of rain and the only time it stopped was for 4 hours yesterday afternoon. This week has SUCKED! Again, very minimal damage here as our house is 1. a brick shithouse; and 2. one of the highest elevations in the city so I should not complain when so many people are flooded out, have tons of damage, or are actually dead.

As a result of all this drama, I’ve been able to do nothing but inside stuff. I couldn’t even paint our guest room as planned as it’s been too humid to paint. So I caught up on the last season of Doctor Who, watched a few movies I had saved in my DVR, cleaned house, did laundry, and I ate.

Yep, totally fell off the wagon this week for some stupid reason and I’m having a hell of a time getting back on. It started on Tuesday with the rain and that feeling that my nerves are still shot since earthquake/hurricane Irene week and I just totally lost it. I’ve been a lot worse in the past with binging out of control and it’s not nearly that bad, but the combination of feeling pissy about the weather and not being able to get outside all week to walk and run put me into a downward spiral. I have not walked or run since Sunday and I feel like crap about that and the out of control eating. I’m supposed to run in the 9/11 Heroes Run on Sunday and had planned to try to run at least half of it and right now I’m feeling I’ll be lucky if I can walk it and not finish in last place.

Tomorrow I HAVE to get back out on the track and at least walk it a few times and try to run a little so it’s not a total shocker when the race starts on Sunday. I went into this being self-conscious about where I was with my training and now I’ve lost a whole week. Ugh. And I have to get back on track with the eating well. I’m determined to cut my losses (or rather my gains) right here, right now, and get back on track the best I can.

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