My nerves are shot!

27 Aug

We we started the week with anearthquake on Monday and now there’s a hurricane coming. Hurricane Irene. The only person named Irene I’ve known in real life was absolutely raving mad. And this hurricane Irene has me running around like a lunatic so I guess it’s fitting. I’m sure not happy about it though.

When we lived in Harrisburg, PA in 1999 hurricane Floyd or Lloyd (I can never remember which) blew through the area and it was fairly terrifying. I remember it rained for a day, then the wind blew for several hours, then more wind and rain. I had a prior engagement during the backside of the storm so I had to go out and I can remember just driving in circles trying to find my way home. It seemed like every road I turned down was blocked by a large tree. When I got home the electricity was out so I dipped into my substantial candle stash and had the place lit up like the Phantom of the Opera’s cave beneath the theatre when my husband came home about 11pm that night. Due to our location in a valley near Blue Mountain, it was always very windy but I think all the wind from that storm scarred me for life as I just cannot stand windy days since then

So here we are, back on the east coast near Baltimore, waiting for this hurricane. It’s raining steady right now but in bands. Steady rain for a while then it rains like hell for a while before tapering off a bit. OMG our mailman is running around out there delivering mail!  That’s frigging NUTS!

We feel prepared for this but I’m still worried. We brought everything in from outside. All lawn furniture, doormats, etc secured or brought into the basement. We have lots of water, I made tons of ice, we’ve got gas for the generator, and plenty of non-perishable food. There are no garages here but the city opened its 4 public parking garages to residents free of charge until the state of emergency so my car should be all right. We also picked up some sand bags this morning just in case.

So now we just wait it out and hope for the best. Gonna turn the computer off from the power source here soon so it’s not damaged by any surges. The worst isn’t supposed to happen for another few hours but people are already reporting cable and power outages so I’m outta here!

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