I’m just not seeing the value here

21 Aug

“I’m just not seeing the value here”. That’s a recent quote from my husband that seems to have stuck. About 2 weeks ago we were at Michael’s picking up a frame for some sort of certificate or poster he wanted to hang up in his office at the police station. So he finds one, we get up to the register the cashier tells us it’s $10.99 and he freaks out and says “I’m just not seeing the value here”. The cashier reached over and grabbed a 40% off coupon and brought it down to about $6.  Amazing. I don’t think that would ever work for me, but more power to him.

As a result of my weight loss, I’m down to the bare bones when it comes to my wardrobe. Right now I’ve got enough to get me thru summer as long as I wear a belt to keep my shorts from falling off my butt. But I really needed some new bras and some stuff for fall so today I headed off to Kohl’s and Fashion Bug where I spent about $250 and feel like I bought nothing. I just don’t see the value in some of these things.

For example, bras.  Seriously. Why do they have to be so damn expensive??? I got 2 new Champion sports bras which were $35 each. Regular price was $48 so I shouldn’t complain, but I am. The other 2 everyday bras were about $20 and I can live with that but geez it’s all just a little bit of fabric, some wires, and some hooks.  I really don’t see the value. So I guess the value will be realized when my boobs aren’t down to my knees in 20 years. So $200 at Kohls and I got 4 bras, a workout tank, some hair toys, a long sleeve shirt for fall, a pair of earrings and a new purse. Yikes. That just doesn’t seem like much.

At Fashion Bug I spent $50 and got some things off the clearance rack. Another workout tank, a short sleeve zipup thing for when I walk outside, another hairtoy, sort of a cardigan thing with a swingy bottom, and a military style button up shirt that doesn’t fit at all but should within a few weeks. So one more inspiration piece to get into.

The good/dangerous side of shopping is that I’m basically out of the plus size territory so there is this vast world of clothing now available to me. It’s really nice to be able to find lots of stuff in both the current season’s style and the clearance racks but dangerous in that I could easily go crazy and buy tons of clothes for cheap. So I was very restrained today and actually put a few things back that I don’t really need. I came home and looked thru my fall stuff and I think I’ve got enough to get me thru til the new year. It’s not that cold here so I can wear some of my summer t-shirts with sweaters, and the few long sleeve shirts that fit well or are slightly too large.


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