Funnel cakes are the devil

13 Aug

It’s been a long damn week. Even with a sick day on Monday, the rest of the week seemed to drag ass and I thought it would never end. So after a Saturday of house cleaning and errands, I was peacefully napping on the couch and planning to lie there for the rest of the evening when the neighbor knocked on the door. My husband answered and found the next door neighbor on the porch offering us 2 tickets to the lacrosse game going on down the block.  Now, I’ve been wanting to check out a lacrosse game (lacrosse is virtually unheard of where I come from) but the weather has been so hot I’ve not been in the mood to sit on hard bleachers in the heat, so we’ve not gone yet.

And I didn’t want to go tonight, but they basically dumped the tickets on us and we would have felt bad for wasting them. So I got dressed, brushed my hair, wolfed down a few quick hot dogs (carefully calculated into my daily SparkPeople allotment this morning) and wandered over to the stadium. It was a pretty good time, interesting sport, good people watching.

Which is how I noticed the funnel cakes.

What is it about them? Why is it that just seeing one or smelling the sweetness as someone carries a funnel cake back to their seat that makes them so irresistible? Their evil permeates the air and possesses everyone within smelling distance.

I resisted for first quarter, thru the half time show, into the 3rd quarter. I was happy with my hot dog belly, not hungry at all, I was NOT going to eat a funnel cake.

But it’s been soooo long since I’ve had one. Years in fact. And they were smaller than the funnel cakes from the fair so not as large or fatty or filling. But still I stayed strong. I wasn’t hungry at all. The hot dogs hit the spot and I ate them specifically for 1. dinner; and 2. so I wouldn’t be at the mercy of stadium food.

I blame it on the cheerleaders. And maybe a touch of PMS.  Their hair whipping around, long perfect legs, ugh. In that moment of weakness and before I knew it was walking up the ramp to the concourse for a funnel cake of my very own. It was so good. Sweet, crispy, chewy and soft in the middle. Like a deep friend waffle. I savored every bite and vowed not to eat one at the county fair next month.

I like to think that the sheer evil essence of the funnel cake sitting on that paper plate on my lap is what caused everyone else in my section to get one as well. I don’t think I was grunting and making nom nom lip-smacking sounds as I devoured the entire thing, but you never know.  My husband did give me a few weird looks, but I think that was just him trying to bend his eyes to watch the cheerleaders without making it obvious. Word to the men: you’re always obvious. We know you’re watching. Even when you think you’re being so sneaky that we cannot possibly notice, we notice.

Walked home after the game and fireworks and sat on the porch. Hubby brought me a Smirnoff Lemonade that I didn’t need and before I knew it I was buzzed and headed to 7-11 with him to get Cheetos! UGH!

The only good thing about this is that I stopped at one bowl of Cheetos and know I’ll be able to get back on the wagon in the morning. But ugh! I know this is partly the PMS, those damn cheerleaders, and the fact that I had a weight loss whoosh this week (down about 3 pounds after being a little stuck-ish for a few weeks). I think deep down I feel like I’ve earned this or deserve the splurge for having finally made it past the 35 pounds lost mark.

I generally don’t like to celebrate a loss with a food reward. I think that’s partly how I got into this overweight mess to begin with. By celebrating everything with food. New job, go out to dinner, promotion, go out to dinner, birthday, go out to dinner. Or worse, gone to the gyno (yuck), comfort myself with something yummy. Bad day at work, fight with hubby, bad news from home, etc, eat something yummy. So yeah, celebrating with a food reward is not a good thing. I’m not a dog or a trained dolphin for crying out loud.

So tomorrow I get back on the wagon once again, start my morning walks again now that my awful bout of insomnia seems to have ended, and keep on keeping on. I’m signing up for a 1-mile walk in one month and I’d like to run more than 5 minutes of it. So back to training now that I’m healthy again and the weather has cooled off a bit.

Another form of motivation is the Kohl’s order that arrived the mail today which consisted of 2 tops that I ordered online. Both are junior plus sizes but fit more like women’s XLs or larges. The one is a really cute short sleeved animal print button down with a belt. It fits perfectly and is super cute. The other is a cotton button down, 3/4 length sleeves. It’s a bit tight in the chest but should fit perfectly after about another 10-pound loss. I think if I wore my shaper it might just fit, but I’m going to hold off until fall to wear it so I’ll be motivated to fit into it without the shaper.

So that’s my day. Not the way I had planned it out when I woke up this morning, but not a disaster either.  Tomorrow is another day.

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