Serenity now!

09 Aug

OK well not technically in action just yet, but I’m back. After a week of not exercising and not being overly careful about what I ate, my weight is up 1.2 pounds over what I logged on SparkPeople last week. Not gonna kill myself over it, not gonna freak out. All in all, I think that’s not bad, all things considered.

Yesterday was a good day, calorie-wise, and today and the rest of the week are shaping up to be the same so I’m happy about that. Also took my car back into the shop today and it’s finally 100% fixed so I’m thrilled about that. I have barely slept the past few nights worrying about the lingering repair issues and if we should just get a new car. As much as I love my car, it would be great to have a brand new one. But with the economy doing who the hell knows what, I’m not jumping up and down about the idea of having the $300 payment that goes along with it and I’m absolutely opposed to leasing.

What’s up with my car that I’ve had it in the shop 4 times? I’ll try to make this brief.

  • Got in an accident over Memorial Day weekend. Front end messed up. Took 10 days to fix, not an issue.
  • Picked it up June 14th and noticed the headliner on the inside was all fubared and 4 huge dents on the roof were not fixed. In the shop for 2 days for estimates and insurance approval, part ordered.
  • July 1st still hadn’t heard about my part so I call and they tell me it was received weeks ago and “someone should have called me”. Yeah that didn’t happen.
  • Brought it back to the shop on July 18th (they couldn’t schedule me the week of the 4th and I was out of town with the car until then).
  • Car in the shop for 16 days and many lies about the status of the repair.
  • Picked it up last Friday, August 5th and the sunroof and radio were not working.
  • At this point I got so pissed I wanted to drive the car, Thelma and Louise-style, off the damn Bay Bridge, hence the starting to look at new cars deal.

This morning I took my car back to the shop and demanded someone look at it right then and there while I waited. Fortunately they were able to fix it in about 20 minutes and I was on my way. I will never go back to that shop. You can be damn sure of that. My car was there for nearly a whole month. Shitty summer.

So that drama is finally behind me, some other dramas are behind me, and I’m mentally ready to just move on, get back on track, and continue my healthy way of life, both physically AND mentally.


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