A whole new world

08 Aug

So even though I felt pretty crummy all weekend, I did have the chance to do a little motivational shopping/retail therapy. On Sunday my husband and I had some errands to run so I accompanied him to Kohl’s to see if I could find some cute summer PJs on the clearance rack. I’m probably one of the few people on Earth who still wears pajamas, but I dig them. Sure, I have soft shorts and t-shirts and stuff for bed, but I like having matched sets of PJs for the summer.

And luck was on my side!  Losing 35 pounds has opened a whole new world to me. And it’s a bit overwhelming, to be honest.

I’m used to being limited to the plus size or “women’s” section of whatever store we/I end up at where the choices are not as cute or stylish as the misses section just across the way. Pardon me while I go off on a little side rant here. Why the hell can’t they just make the same stuff in smaller sizes and larger sizes? QVC does it. They make damn near everything the sell, fashion-wise, in extra small thru 3 or 4x. I’ll never understand why they can’t just make everything in all sizes. Yes, I know that some things should just not be worn by larger folk, but like 90% of the stuff should be available to everyone.

Anyway, we were at Kohl’s and I checked out the PJs on clearance and found tons, literally tons (OK not tons but a lot) of stuff not in the X sizes that fit. Cute Vera Wang PJs, sets, separates, you name it. I could barely carry the stuff I wanted to try on and had to sneak past the fitting room nazi so she wouldn’t see that I had more than 5 items. And almost everything fit!  Not plus size stuff. Just regular, every day chick’s stuff!  Wow. I had to pace myself and be really choosy about what I bought. It was very nice for a change to not be limited by 1. ugly stuff in plus sizes; 2. bad selection of ugly stuff in plus sizes.

Usually when my husband and I shop together it’s me who finds nothing in my department and then has to go looking for him in the men’s department with armloads of clothes. This time he was wandering the store looking for me and I wasn’t even near finished. I didn’t even have the chance to look around the many, many racks of clothing in the clearance section, only the intimates. That’s kind of weird, but I could totally get used to having so many choices available to me for a chance. I’m tired of shopping the same stores time and again.

So I ended up with a Vera Wang PJ set, 2 Vera Wang PJ tops, a cute cloudy sky PJ set for fall, one of those shaper things that smooshes my fat and makes clothes fit better. Sort of like Spanx but this is just a camisole type thing. I totally believe in those, by the way. Last time I lost a good amount of weight I was sort of in between pants sizes. Size 18 was too big but 16 was just a tad too tight. But slipping into Spanx first I was able to easily slide into those 16s. So definitely get a shaper, they really help.  Oh, I also got 2 new tops. One is a short sleeved animal print and the other a 3/4 sleeve floral kind of thing that is a tad too tight but is going to be a good motivational piece.

So yay, for non-scale victories!

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