Down for the count

07 Aug

Dammit. This cold that I thought I was getting over is now getting worse and I’m so pissed. I’ve felt generally crummy since Wednesday, thought I was over it today, but now I’m just plain sick. Dammit. Sorry for the TMI, but I’ve already gone thru a box of tissues since 5pm and my nose hurts.

To top it off, my eating has been crap all weekend. Not tons of overeating, just not being overly careful and not keeping track or logging anything on SparkPeople at all. Like yesterday we went for a chicken dinner thing at a church so that was one chicken breast, corn, green beans, a bit of potato salad and a piece of cake. Not horrible. Had a waffle for dinner, no breakfast. Who knows the calories in that but it couldn’t have been wildly out of whack.  Then today I went a little crazy. No breakfast but we went to a bar for a very late lunch and I had a cheeseburger (very lean), fries, and onion rings. Later a Starbucks and just finished a bowl of chicken noodle soup with some more of those damn Annie’s cheddar bunnies. I’m beginning to think I need to finish those off and not buy them for a while too tempting.  So again, not too horrible considering that’s all I ate today, but yikes it was out of control. Oh yeah, and I had another Starbucks today. Oy.

Hopefully today is the worst of this wretched cold. I was really hoping to get back to working out tomorrow. I guess I’ll see how I feel when the alarm wakes me up in the morning. But grrrr, I seriously need to get back on track.


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