Feeding my cold

05 Aug

Ugh, I came down with a head cold this week which threw me off a bit. So the rest of this week will be spent recovering. From the cold and from the little bit of damage I did to my eating plan.

Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat, headache, and just generally a crummy feeling. Breakfast was my normal oatmeal and tea but by lunch I was needing some serious soup. I managed to find a can of Progresso chicken noodle in the pantry and heated that up. By the way, what the HELL happened to Progresso chicken noodle?  It used to be good but now it’s not so much. Blah. Anyway, ate that with a few wheels of mini Babybel Light. But at the last minute I tossed in a handful of Annie’s cheddar bunnies. A generous handful. Still, not too bad.

For dinner I needed my comforting matzo ball soup so I went to the diner to get some of that but then couldn’t resist ordering a gyro and some fries to go with it. Yeah, here is where things get out of control. I managed to resist eating all the fries as I was pretty full by the time I ate some soup and the sandwich, so that’s good. But when my husband went out to 7-11 later that night, I had him pick me up a Skor bar which I gobbled up like a little piggy and added another handful of cheddar bunnies to the trough and a handful of bunny graham friends. Oy!  After the oatmeal and soup/crackers, I didn’t even bother to log anything on SparkPeople so who knows how bad it truly was.

So Thursday I got back under control even though I was so not into the healthy choices I made. I love my fattoush salad but it was so not satisfying my craving for comfort food. I really need to find a way to incorporate comfort food into sick days so I’m soothed and comforted but not eating out of control.

And now today I have serious heartburn, I’m assuming from the plethora of cold medicine, lemon in my tea, and vinegar in yesterday’s salad dressing.  So no salad for me today and just bland things. Oh joy. I could really use some coffee today. It’s been a really long, stressful week so I could not be happier that it’s Friday. Looking forward to feeling better, getting out for some exercise, getting back on track, and enjoying some of the great events going on here in Annapolis.


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