A little shake up now and then can be a good thing

23 Jul

I’m not sure how this happened, but I ain’t complaining! I have no idea why I weighed in today.  Normally I weigh in on Tuesdays or Wednesdays but for some reason I hopped onto the scale this morning and found that I lost 2 pounds. I thought for sure that my weekend/Monday pig-out transgressions would have resulted in a slight gain or maintenance of last week’s weight, so this was totally unexpected. To reiterate, very, VERY welcome, but puzzling.

So what happened? I don’t get it. With the exception of the weird eating last weekend and the Harry Potter pig out day,  I don’t feel like I’ve made any changes this week to warrant the great loss. All I can think of is that I generally underate whilst in Connecticut on Friday and Saturday and getting back on the horse on Tuesday with daily exercise and sticking to my SparkPeople calorie recommendations were enough to push me past this little plateau/rut I’ve been stuck in. As of today  I’m happy to report that I’m down 34.2 pounds. YAY!

I also picked up what I’m hoping will be some new inspiration pieces  of clothing. Yesterday I ordered a cute summer blouse and an olive military style anorak jacket from’s clearance section. Ordered from Torrid without trying stuff on first is usually very hit or miss for me as their sizes are not standard AT ALL. I’ve ordered before using their measurements chart and some things were way too small, some much too large. So I’m actually hoping that these will fit just right and that the jacket runs small so I’ll be motivated to get into it by fall when I actually need it. Last fall I got a great military style jacket from Fashion Bug that was slightly too large which was fine until I started to lose weight. I loved that jacket and was so sad to get rid of it, but it looks terrible now with the weight loss so it had to go. This new jacket is not quite as cute but very nice so I’m hoping it’s a good fit or slightly snug for the motivation factor.

Today I’m headed off to the mall to get some stuff at Teavana for a friend who just had surgery so maybe I’ll stop into Torrid to see what’s on the clearance racks. Also stopping at Whole Paycheck Foods Market to pick up some fish and fresh veggies. I’ve been without a car all week so this is my first chance to get out and do some shopping. Have a great day!


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