Why do I hesitate and then regret?

21 Jul

So not a week ago I was whining about needing motivation and complaining that my motivation once came from the plethora of Rubbermaid containers full of too-small clothing were all gone now and I had nothing left in Rubbermaid containers to work on getting into. Then over the weekend I found the perfect motivation clothing piece that I should have bought but hesitated and now it’s too late to get it.

I play the fife. You know, like the old guy in the Spirit of ’76 photo?  Or like the fife and drum corps at Williamsburg?  If that doesn’t explain, just Google it 🙂
Anyway, I play the fife. Last weekend I went to a huge fife and drum event in Connecticut that is like a colonial Woodstock type of thing. Lots of music, drinking, good friends, good times. One of the vendor booths had hot pink t-shirts that had a skull and cross bones, only the bones were fifes and the shirt read “Bad ass fifergirl”. I wanted it. Badly. But when I got to the booth, they only had sizes small thru large (don’t even get me started on the plus size discrimination that exists within the world of cute/fun t-shirts unavailable in sizes larger than Large. Grr.). I still need an XL at this point so I said thank you and walked away.  A few hours later I thought why the hell didn’t you just buy the large and then work to get into it by losing 20 more pounds??? Duh!  So I went back and the booth was all packed up and gone. Boo. I’m not even sure who the vendor was. I emailed the vendor that I think it was but they haven’t replied so I think I’m shit outta luck.  Google searches found nothing that matches. Dammit.

Why do I do this?  I’m always doing stuff like this then regretting it. Sigh. I hope they’ll at least write me back and confirm whether it was them or not.


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